A Nation Divided


by Jeanine Vecchiarelli


“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  “United we stand; divided we fall.”  We have heard sentiments such as these uttered throughout history. Time and again their veracity has been proved. And all through the history of this great nation her elected leaders have governed mostly with allegiance to this principle.

“We have also seen over the course of these years elected leaders who have harbored ideologies diametrically opposed to the free opportunity and God given rights recognized in our Constitution. Like the proverbial frog in the stovetop pot, our fellow countrymen have been too busy, or too distracted, or too complacently trusting to stand up and take notice.

While most of our neighbors minded their business, an increasing number of lesser informed folks bought into the great progressive lie.  The more these folks believed it, the harder our elected officials pushed it.  Finally enough of the masses were sufficiently stoked that a full blown case of “us against them” developed.

These evildoers realized that division of this nation’s populace was an important requirement for fulfilling their malevolent ambitions. They commenced slowly, lest their deceptions rouse suspicion among the masses.

Bit by bit these progressive leaders pulled and tugged, misrepresented and cajoled our country toward an alien state of being.  First they wailed in concern for the “less fortunate among us.” They played the “unfairness” card and called for implementation of “social justice,” a concept incongruous to this land of opportunity for all.

Rather than reinforcing the principle of unparalleled liberty we all enjoy in our beloved nation under God, these progressives fabricated tales of unequal divisions among her people.  They falsely claimed the culprits were hatred and bigotry based on race, religious beliefs, age, economic class, and every other factor they could concoct.  And they agitated the masses, inciting and stoking resentment and anger.

Perpetrators of the progressive movement recently shifted their malicious activities into high gear, having been spurred on by unseemly and questionable electoral victories as well as a growing number of believers in their great lie. What had begun as subversive whispers has become bold and brazen activity.

Every tactic and strategy in their rule book has been put into play.  As a result, our USA is experiencing an unprecedented level of division. Under the edicts of these evildoers, a sideways glance is suspect; an off the cuff remark among fellow citizens is now a racial epithet.

Folks can no longer freely speak their minds lest they be branded as bigots. Citizens have been polarized into the haves and the have nots, with the have nots living off the fruits of the haves’ labor even while reviling them.

“Me first” has become the rule instead of the exception among folks who actually revel in the misfortunes of others.  Physical violence is becoming commonplace.  And the most amazing fact of all is this vitriol is being fomented by our own government.

Elected officials and agencies originally launched to uphold society’s laws have become activist centers sowing distrust, suspicion, and even violence.  Every effort is being made to divide the population along as many lines as possible, and to incite jealousy, resentment and hatred among the fabricated groups.

What can done to halt this deliberate weakening of our societal infrastructure before our beloved nation tears herself apart? We the people must recognize the game these wicked progressives are perpetrating and refuse to play along.

We need to undertake the education of the masses so they may comprehend how they are being used to drive an evil agenda. We must hold fast to our Constitution and its principles; recognize again the symbiosis that has always existed among the different parts of our society; and seek common ground to achieve a unified state.

Above all, we need to decide for ourselves what our fate is to be. Are we going to serve the progressive agenda by permitting our societal destruction? Or will we stand together as a harmoniously blended citizenry against the encroaching tyranny that threatens to consume us? As Benjamin Franklin so eloquently states, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.Black and white handshake

Photo via defenceimagery.mod.uk