Black Farmer Doesn’t Worry About Richard Spencer, It’s the Progressive Hillary Supporters


This Facebook post linked below is by a Black farmer in Virginia and it is a very sobering read.

In a post titled, A message to Charlottesville about Lee Park from your local Black farmer, Mr. Newman writes:

It isn’t Richard Spencer calling the cops on me for farming while Black. It’s nervous White women in yoga pants with “I’m with Her” and “Coexist” stickers on their German SUVs.

Chris Newman is the owner and operator of Sylvanaqua Farms in Charlottesville, the hometown of Thomas Jefferson. In nearby Lee Park, the city is planning to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Protesters on both sides are showing up in the park with confederate flags or signs that read, “Love Trumps Hate”. Richard Spencer pops up in the park to protest the removal of the statue. Mr. Newman’s reaction might surprise you.

Mr. Newman loves a lot of things about the small, beautiful place with friendly people and good food. What he doesn’t like:

Charlottesville is by far the most aggressively segregated place I’ve ever lived in or visited. And that seems a strange thing to have to say about a town that hosts a public university.

The neighbors are calling the police and police are profiling:

I say “aggressively” for two reasons. One, because of how assertive police (and the citizens who summon them) are here with racial profiling. It got so bad in 2014 – 2015 that I stopped renting farmland on estates where I could be easily seen from the road, and I stopped making food deliveries into wealthier neighborhoods because of how often police would “happen by” and sometimes even question me five or ten minutes after I got a strange look from a passerby (usually someone jogging, but occasionally someone in a car). I’m not a paranoid kinda guy, but this happened way too often to be a coincidence.

And then there are the Progressives using Blackness to advance White-owned brands:

Second is the sheer degree of cultural appropriation going on with businesses in the city proper. It’s little things – e.g. shops and other businesses incorporating wide swaths of hiphop culture into their branding while having not a single Black owner, partner, employee, or vendor. And those businesses are KILLING IT here. This is a town where Blackness advances White-owned brands and subjects Black-owned businesses to inspection by law enforcement.

The town’s progressives who publish the Charlottesville Weekly are the ones who worry him.

Do you really think that problem comes from people like Richard Spencer?

Check out C’Ville Weekly’s Instagram feed when you get a moment, and try not to notice that the few depictions of Black people are limited to sports, singing, criminal justice, or single parenthood. White people, meanwhile, are represented as political activists, chefs, cogs in the gig economy, musicians, dancers, people who get married, visual artists, songwriters, architects, landscapers, thespians, artistic directors, wedge-heel-wearing rugby players, dog lovers, farmers, firefighters, and people who play with their kids in cul de sacs.

Richard Spencer is not the editor of C’Ville Weekly.

Truth is, as a Black dude, I’m far less bothered by the flag wavers in this picture than this town’s progressives assuming its race problem has nothing to do with them. The former is a visual inconvenience. The latter could leave my daughters without a father.

So please, put down the candles and instead ask yourself: why is my city like this? Why is life like this for Black people in my wonderful city? The answer is a lot closer to home than Richard Spencer or Lee Park.

This should make everyone think. Read the entire post on the link.