Call for Muslim Revolution Across America


Khalilah Sabra is an American Muslim who has aligned herself with the Black Lives Matter movement to push for a revolution – a  jihad in the United States. She is preaching sedition.

She describes herself on Disqus as the Executive Director of Muslim American Society Immigrant Justice Center.

Sabra is an Accredited Representative, assisting aliens in immigration proceedings before the Executive Office for Immigration Review’s immigration courts and Board of Immigration Appeals (Board), or before the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) according to Wikipedia.

We can be sure she is getting us the best candidates for radicalization so how does a woman like this get a job like that? It’s because the Democrats have an unholy alliance with radical Islamists like her.

Listen to Sabra a former Bernie supporter, currently a Hillary supporter, equate the election to Muhammad killing non-Muslims. She wants sharia as an American way of life and with the increases in the hundreds of thousands the administration ships in as Hillary promised, the more likely we are to get exactly that.