Common Core, the Documentary


rotten to the core

Everyone wants higher standards, everyone except the most uninformed in our society, but do we want one-size-fits-all? Everyone wants standards that are consistent throughout the country, but do we want nationalized curricula that can be used for indoctrination by the government? Everyone wants good record keeping, but do we want to make public every detail of a person’s life before they are old enough to give consent? Everyone wants to garner knowledge from the international community, but do we want to model it exactly to the dictums of socialists and communists in the U.N.? Everyone wants to take good care of our natural resources – of Mother Earth – but do we want to use unproven science to batter people into believing and paying for what might not be accurate or what might be grossly exaggerated?

Testing has value but do we want our children to be under extreme stress to perform constantly for – of all things – standardized tests developed by corporations?

The best question one needs to consider is: Do you want to end local control of education and turn it over to corporations and the federal government?

If your answer to any of these questions is “no”, then you need to find out about Common Core. All the information you need to know is right here.

If you want to read a very thorough summary, please check out Maggie’s Notebook for the best summary I have seen.

This documentary is from HSDLA and it is also very thorough and interesting:


Read about New York State’s uphill battle here: Bring It On!