Communist at Paris Summit Talks About the Goals



Anti-Capitalist Naomi Klein, who has dedicated her life to destroying Capitalism, has a leadership role in the Paris Climate Summit. She is also an advisor to the Papal See. She made a point of saying that climate change is driving terrorism and the desire from fossil fuels is driving it all.

Absurdly, she said, “The Middle East destabilized in part because of the West’s desire for fossil fuels.” Does she really believe that or is it a ruse to push her communist agenda?

Klein is concerned that there is talk of making all of it voluntary. Being a statist, she wants every rule, every regulation to be mandatory.


Klein is a very high profile anti-Capitalist from Canada who was invited by Pope Francis to join forces with Climate Change activist and senior aide to the Pope, Cardinal Peter Turkson. Together they led a prominent conference on the environment with churchmen, scientists, and activists. The conference excluded climate change doubters and moderates.

The Pope had walked back some of his comments on the economy which were anti-Capitalist but Klein says he got it right the first time – we need to overturn Capitalism.

Klein, who spoke at Occupy Wall Street, is, according to the guardian, is a “ferocious critic of Capitalism”, and a secular radical.

She has represented the conference, “People and Planet First”, a very far left organization.

In November, 2011, writing for The Nation, she called for drastic economic changes to address climate change. She has described her economic views as “intellectually cataclysmic” for Conservatives. She’s also a member of a George Soros environmental group called 350 dot org.

Klein hung out with and spoke to the Occupy Wall Streeters in 2011. In the video below, you can hear her chanting with the collectivists. She is always focused on the so-called evils of Capitalism.

In an interview with the far-left Slate magazine last September, she was asked, “To be honest, both geoengineering and ending capitalism feel like impossible tasks. What are some practical next steps?”

She responded by saying, “Well, we need to finance this transition somehow. I think it needs to be a polluter-pays principle. It’s not that we’re broke, it’s just that the money is in the wrong place.”

“The divestment movement is a start at challenging the excesses of capitalism. It’s working to delegitimize fossil fuels, and showing that they’re just as unethical as profits from the tobacco industry. Even the heirs to the Rockefeller fortune are now recognizing this.”

This is exactly what Barack Obama is trying to do at the Summit. He made a point of saying that he wanted to pay countries who were willing to give up fossil fuels.

In one of her books, This Changes Everything, Klein insisted that incremental shifts away from fossil fuels is insufficient. She believes militarism and war are due to climate change. She once admitted to being a communist but now says she is a socialist. Her father was a radical Marxist and she has said her grandparents were “hardcore communists.”

While she is appalled by capitalism, she manages to live a very comfortable life with her filmmaker and Al Jazeera TV host husband and son, according to The Washington Times.

Some of this makes her a kindred spirit with the Pope. Pope Francis and Naomi Klein both hate free markets, not that we have them any longer, they hate technological progress and economic growth. Progressives are actually regressive.

The next step will be to end use of all fossil fuels through international legislation, the guardian quoted her as saying.

The Pope’s conference was a prelude to the U.N. climate change conference.

Ban-Ki-moon, the U.N. secretary-general, is counting on the Pope’s “moral voice and moral leadership” to speed up the march to massive redistribution.

Radicals liks Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, head of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, is also a close adviser to the Pope.

Anti-Catholic groups like Mother Jones and Media Matters now sing the Pope’s praises for what they interpret as his socialist views.

You can hear her leading chants on Occupy Wall Street in this video. She’s a communist idol. The chanting is creepy. They followers are a bunch of mindless drones, repeating every word she says. The chanting alone would keep me from joining with these groups.


Source: the guardian



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