Communist-Loving CNN Host Gets Worked Up Over Trump’s EPA Pick


Democrats are very upset about Donald Trump’s cabinet picks, especially Scott Pruitt who has just been selected as Donald Trump’s choice for head of the EPA.

Cuomo actually said “either you accept the science or you don’t” and he fell back on a fake 99% number agreeing that climate change is real. Then he mindlessly flapped his lips about flat-earthers and blacks shouldn’t marry whites.

Cuomo believes you either say it’s “settled” or you don’t believe in global warming aka climate change.

Chris Cuomo, the brother of the thuggish New York governor Andrew Cuomo, made a much-touted ‘historic’, nostalgic visit to Cuba in March.  During a broadcast, while wearing a shirt given to his father Mario by mass murderer Fidel Castro, he told his team back home that communism is all about “lifting everyone up” and “making everyone equal.” He’s actually more favorably disposed towards communists than he is towards Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general.

In his book, “A Disgrace to the Profession”, on page 295, Mark Steyn takes apart the much-repeated statement that 97% consensus of scientists agree on man-made global warming. It means 75 out of 77 more or less hand-picked scientists. The “97 per cent consensus” is in fact a smaller number of scientists than the more than 120 Steyn cites in his book, all of whom cheerfully put the boot in to Big Climate’s poster child, the hockey stick.

Michael Mann and his debunked Hockey Stick theory was supposed to provide proof that global warming was a man-made creation.

Steyn wrote on his websitethe guys providing the science for the alarmist agenda are often really quite low-grade.

It’s a myth promulgated by the Sierra Club, an organization of extremists.

Senator Ted Cruz addressed it and pummeled the opponent.  The left, unable to explain the lack of global warming in 20 years, simply changed it from global warming to climate change. Who can disagree that the climate is changing?