Crony Corporate Light-Squared – More Obama Socialism



Update: 3/2: The FCC pulled the plug on light-squared but don’t get too excited because they are making one last ditch effort. They have entered a “Pleading Cycle” and apparently it is not unusual at the FCC. Read here:

Original Story: 2/24: The corrupt D.C. – Corporate relationship that socialism breeds continues to run amok under Obama in the form of light-squared.

LightSquared, a 4G wireless Internet service, is one of Obama’s corporate friends (many light-squared investors are big time Obama donors). They won expedited approval for their service even though their equipment interferes with military GPS, farm equipment, aviation, weather tracking satellite systems, et cetera (as of last December, it continues to do so).

As if that is not enough, the Obama administration appears to have demolished its competitor via FCC regulatory abuse.

…Broadband company LightSquared‘s CEO made a maximum-allowable political donation to the Democratic Party on the same day his lawyers were trying to arrange a meeting between him and top White House technology officials, records and emails obtained by The Daily Caller show. Those same records also show a questionable inconsistency, listing the CEO’s employer as a company he hadn’t worked for in a decade.

The requests and donation came soon after President Barack Obama’s Federal Communications Commission successfully propped up LightSquared, and subsequently demolished its competitor GlobalStar with regulatory muscle…Read more:Daily Caller

General Shelton exposed the problems and the pressure he was under to give light-squared the okay during his testimony on Capitol Hill.

Light-Squared investors are big time Obama donors – HuffPo

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