David Plouffe Wants Us to Believe That Obama Doesn’t Know Who Leaked Top Secret Information

David Plouffe, Fluffmaster

David Plouffe wants us to believe that President Obama didn’t know that leakers were being given information about his “kill list,” the war room, Stuxnet and so on.

Don’t forget that the author of the “leak book,” David Sanger said top officials in the White House gave him the information. Why doesn’t the president ask Mr. Sanger and the White House top aides who leaked the information instead of wasting tax payer money on a needless investigation?

Plouffe went on to talk about fixing the middle class. If President Obama could have fixed the economy, why didn’t he?

Plouffe bragged about the Dodd-Frank bill so how is it that Jamie Dimon could lose $2 – $4 billion of Chase investors’ money?

Plouffe tried to put the elite Wall Street donors on Mitt Romney’s shoulders when we all know that Obama can’t come to Wall Street often enough to collect donations.

What a load of fluff.