Delusions of Workplace Violence Rejected by One Victim of Ft. Hood Massacre

President Obama is ignoring the plight of the victims of the Ft. Hood massacre

The Ft. Hood massacre parallels the bombshell disclosures coming out of the Benghazi hearings. Even though the terrorist, Nadal Hasan, had links to terrorists and was yelling “Allah Akbar” as he murdered and wounded service personnel, the “incident” was declared a case of “workplace violence.”

The Obama administration planned to replicate the same minimalist portrayal with the Benghazi attack but it’s not working this time. I don’t know if the administration is covering up so much as lying to themselves about the real threat of terrorism against the United States.

People have forgotten about Ft. Hood. It was treated as a criminal event as opposed to an act of terror. The administration apparently believes that not giving these terrorists the name of “terrorist” will diminish their effectiveness. I personally don’t think semantics will cut it in this war.

President Obama treated the Ft. Hood massacre as if it were almost meaningless. After he had just learned about the tragedy, he gave a shout out  to score some political points with Native-Americans. Then he got around to announcing the massacre:

At least one victim’s wife has had enough. Autumn Manning, whose husband Staff Sgt. Manning was wounded by Hasan, had six bullets pumped into him. He is just now getting out of the hospital after three years. He still has three bullets in him.

Infuriatingly, he cannot even get combat status because the Obama administration refuses to recognize the incident for what it was despite Republican efforts.

via Examiner

On November 5, 2009, Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning was shot six times by Maj. Nidal Hasan while he was serving on-duty at Ft. Hood in Temple, Texas, in what became known as the Ft. Hood Massacre. Today, Sgt. Manning’s wife is fighting for official military recognition for the victims of the attack, saying President Obama has ignored them and refused to acknowledge their sacrifice.

Autumn Manning is using social media, particularly Twitter, to keep Americans talking about the Ft. Hood tragedy and the lack of support she says she has received from the Obama administration and the President himself. Although Sgt. Manning barely survived the attack, neither he nor any of those wounded and killed have been given combat status for the event. That means they are not are eligible for military honors such as the Purple Heart.

In her Twitter profile, Autumn describes herself as “Wife of Soldier wounded at Fort Hood terrorist attack Nov 5th 2009…Never forget 13 dead, 34 wounded. Combat status denied thanks to Obama.”

Despite the efforts of many Republicans in Congress to give combat status to the Ft. Hood victims, the Obama administration continues to insist the event was domestic workplace violence. This insistence comes even after the government learned Hasan had exchanged emails with Al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki before the attack.

The latest denial came in May, when the Obama White House threatened to veto the National Defense Authorization Act when they stated “The administration objects to section 552, which would grant Purple Hearts to the victims of the shooting incidents in Fort Hood, Texas.” The Act has yet to be voted on by the Democratic-controlled Senate after approval by the Republican-controlled House…Read the full story

Staff Sgt. Manning with wife Autumn
Autumn Manning’s twitter page.