Detroit’s $300 Million Dollar Quid Pro Quo Bailout with Your Money



Detroit after 60 years of Progressives running the city

Detroit is getting $300 million dollars in bailout money but the Obama administration has clearly said we must not call it a bailout, it’s an ‘investment.’  Therefore, I’ll call it what it really is – quid pro quo.

Barack Obama doesn’t like to call his bailouts – bailouts – because that word has taken on very negative connotations, deservedly so. However, he IS bailing out Detroit. He’s starting slowly, with only $300 million, a mere pittance, and the money will be used to ‘invest’ in infrastructure, public safety, transit, and eradicating blight. About $100 million will be used to tear down abandoned buildings.

To get any return on this ‘investment’ will be a tall order since $300 million is dwarfed by Detroit’s debt of $18 billion.

Expect more money to be poured into ‘investments’ in Detroit and don’t be surprised if the unions are 100% bailed out – I mean ‘invested’ in.

The Obama administration found about $300 million in untapped resources, just laying around, apparently not needed by anyone.  Check out the story at the Washington Times.

Detroit already receives $300 million annually from 71 separate federal grants ranging from policing to transportation.

The last Republican mayor of Detroit was 60 years ago. It’s time for Republicans to mention this! Here is a glaring example of what decades of Progressive rule will do. The fact that they don’t mention it could make one wonder how seriously they take their role as the opposition party.

Remember Detroit Councilwoman JoAnn Watson? She said the President owes the city some government ‘bacon’ for supporting him in the 2012 election. ‘That’s what you do,’ she said. There ought to be ‘quid pro quo,’ she declared!

Someone needs to tell the councilwoman that exchanging favors for votes is unethical and is considered political corruption. At least it used to be before we became more corrupt.

Some are questioning whether it’s corruption and want the Supreme Court to weigh in!!!

I don’t need the SCOTUS to decide. It’s corruption. Corruption is a subversion of the political process. Elected officials are influenced to act contrary to their obligations of office by the prospect of financial gain to themselves or infusions of money into their campaigns. The hallmark of that is quid pro quo.

Obama, our Investor-in-Chief, is ‘investing’ taxpayer money in Detroit, which is a terrible ‘investment.’ If it’s not a bailout, it might be a return of a political favor.

Mr. Obama has given himself some room between the election and this possible quid pro quo venture to provide cover.

He does seem to favor his bundlers don’t you think?