Does Great Neck NY Have Free Speech? Yes and No



Map of the USA, a 100% free speech zone

When I served as a Air Force Dentist  during the Viet Nam War, we were called “baby killers”.

When I wrote extensively and spoke out against ObamaCare’s brand of socialized medicine, I was called a racist!

When I co-founded The Nassau-Queens  County Tea Party, I was called a Nazi and received threatening telephone calls!

When I spoke out against public funding for the private Roslyn Country Club, I was called an anti Semite.
(until they found out I was Jewish!)

When I supported Bush-Cheney, opponents called us traitors!

When I spoke out for life and the unborn child, I was told I hated women!

When I called for religious freedom , I was labeled a religious fanatic!

Progressives claimed that we caused the death of old people  just  because we wanted to prevent the Medicare program from going bankrupt!

A reader called for the banning of my letters-to-the-editor because, after living in Great Neck for 35 years, I don’t live there anymore!

Another reader threatened to cancel her newspaper subscription because I called Al Gore self centered and hypocritical!

These are NOT examples of our country’s greatest moments.

Thank God this newspaper [Great Neck News] has the courage to present opposing points of view.

I urge all of you who want to limit our personal  freedoms, please read or reread “article one” of our great Constitution. Your diatribes will never stop freedom-loving Americans from expressing our points of view.

Wake up America, before its too late!