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Open the Books has given us a good look at the outrageous spending by the EPA with an in-depth and stunning report by anyone’s standards. The EPA is creating Federal policy and writing laws. They are lawless and they have incredible power. They know everything about everyone and they are well-armed. They are even spending money on anti-Capitalist propaganda.

They need their budget cut and their Inspector General needs to work overtime.

If the EPA was a state, it would have ranked as the 38th largest spending state over the last four years. They would rank as the 14th largest law firm with their 1,020 lawyers.

Their grant making of $72 million shows they are giving away two times more than all of the assets of the largest foundation, the Gates Foundation.

They have 200 enforcers and have spent three quarters of a billion dollars on this division for so-called enviro-crimes which could include harmless miners in Alaska or a man building a pond on his property – those are real cases.

Last year, the EPA joined up with the FBI to conduct an armed raid of a company that buys and sells brass! It was discovered that several of their employees tested positive for elevated levels of lead.

“We are investigating alleged violations of environmental law. An investigation takes as long as it takes, and I can’t provide any details as it relates to that,” said Agent Marsden of the Montana EPA.

Wouldn’t an OSHA citation be in order over an armed raid?

They have been conducting these raids with little provocation.

More than 70 government agencies are now armed and they all need little provocation. If you want to know how the government can easily become a police state, this is it.

Open the Books founder Adam Andrzejewski said “Some of these weapons are for full-scale military operations.”

They spent $2.1 million on guns and ammo up to 300mm (that’s like a cannon) and up to 30mm ammo (those are big shells like the ones used in the Old Sherman tank). They have Sikorsky aircraft, amphibious vehicles, tanks. They purchase infrared which can see right through walls. They can watch you showering if they choose to.

They also spent:

$210,000 for “camouflage and other deceptive equipment.”

$208,000 for “radar and night-vision equipment.”

$31,000 for “armament training devices.”

The list is much longer and it’s what you would find at the ATF.

The EPA is planning to raid power plants fully-armored like SWAT agents expecting these harmless workers to shoot them? WTH!

The criminal investigative division spent $25.1 million on big data private sector purchases. They know everything about everyone.

They have bought credit histories from Experian, They contract with Chicago and Illinois police and have bought criminal and arrest records, business data from Dunn & Bradstreet records, legal data from Thompson Legal & Regulatory, they have memberships in big data cloudsharing partnerships like the New England State Police network. They have contracted with 566 private sector big data companies for these purchases and are a huge aggregator.

Cleaning the environment is something we all agree on but that is not where the majority of grants are going. They spend on training, demonstrations, and surveys, they spent four times on grants what they spent on Brownfield – $4.5 billion dollars. Another $50 million in grants went to international projects – INTERNATIONAL, left-wing environmental brainwashing education was another $40 million, Audubon – left-wing loons and I don’t mean birds – they got $2.5 million. Activist non-profits got $18 million. Any non-profit with “sustainable” in it got $8 million. Colleges get $2 billion if they use it for “sustainable” anything.

The EPA has an anti-Capitalism environmental justice program which demonizes all corporations because they pollute. This falls disproportionately on the poor. The grant making gives out $50 million to enviro-justice programs.

This far-left program now undergirds every single program of the EPA.

The studies are demonstrably false. They spend $170 million on their spin machine selling their BS. They have 200 public affairs officers employed at the EPA and since 2007, they have spent $150 million on their salaries and bonuses. Every year, they give 70% of them a performance bonus merely for doing their job, a job most Americans don’t want them to do in the PR division.  They spent another $20 million with PR firms to spread their far-left message.

You’ve probably heard the ads by our government on the radio – every agency is engaged in this brainwashing and propagandized “public service messages.” It’s sick stuff. Too many people don’t analyze and will just absorb the BS and the government knows it.

Is this sound policy or corruption? The Federal government is not supposed to be promoting policy and its own expansive agenda.

If you are familiar with internet flash mobs, algorithms can generate hundreds of thousands of response from just a few addresses. The NY Times did an investigation of how the EPA justified tightening regulations on the Clean Water Act a few years ago and what they found was the EPA used this tactic and got the 90% favorable results they wanted.

A Federal judge did set those regulations aside but the EPA gets to instill these values for a period of time and they get to operate lawlessly with impunity. In a recent interview at the Center for American Progress, Gina McCarthy bragged about getting the Clean Power Plan enacted even though we all know it’s unconstitutional. What she said was they get to do it, companies shift to their will and by the time it’s ruled unconstitutional, it’s too late.

There is talk of impeaching EPA Chief Gina McCarthy. She lies under oath regularly and she’s a far-left anti-American dictator with no respect for the rule of law.

Government is not legally allowed to do what they are doing – using agencies to write laws.

The EPA was begun by Richard Nixon by Executive Order, Reagan increased employees and Obama scaled back the workforce and redirected their mission to a far-left anti-Capitalist, climate change agenda. This administration ramped up grant making for their leftist allies.

They have spent a fortune on luxury furnishings and sports equipment.

The agency hides money in fund accounts bizarrely called “nuclear bombs” and “chemical agent”s which they said was accidentally misspent and they won’t fill FOIA requests at all.

They hold meetings with environmental lobbyists outside the EPA and this way the discussions cannot be subpoenaed. They lie when they go to court.

The Animas Spill contractor has gotten half a billion from the EPA and their data has not been produced when requested under FOIA. They self-impose their deadlines and then ignore them. The government has unlimited funds from the taxpayers and can outlast any private citizen or company that sues them.

We must stop complaining and become informed about where the money is going. Ask questions, demand answers and react. Rep. Lamar Smith heads up the Science and Space committee and is using the Open the Books report to ask questions of the corrupt EPA.

The agency is rogue.

What do you think?

Listen to the podcast here

Open the Books Oversight Report



  1. Great article Sara – as per the usual. I did see one item that you may want to address [for clarity] … “Gina McCarthy bragged about getting the Clean Power Plan enacted even though we all know it’s constitutional.” I’m pretty sure you meant to write “unconstitutional” — What can I say? I love your articles and read every word. Thanks again for all the amazing info Sara!

    • Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I corrected the error! I really appreciate the correction and your comments Jay.

      • : ) Your articles are outstanding Sara …. I do_not_know how you continue to provide so many well-researched and informative articles day in and day out — but please know that your tireless effort and obvious commitment to excellence are so very much appreciated!

        • I appreciate that so much. I do burn out but I want information out there to counteract the leftist message. Now when I google a topic, it takes pages before I find anything that is center right. That’s very different from the way it was just five years ago. Lunatic publications like Mother Jones and Media Matters often show up on page one.

  2. The Iron Law of Bureaucracy: a bureaucracy always works to expand its power until some superior force stops it.

    In the past, the primary limit on infinite expansion of government bureaucracy was been that there was only just so much money in the treasury. But now that government has given itself the power to create near-infinite amounts of money, in the name of “stimulating” the economy. Now government can fund any program the bureaucracy claims it can justify.

    This shows how forcing government to live within a balanced budget is a compelling liberty issue.

    The first order of business of an Article V Convention must be to limit government’s ability to create and spend near-infinite amounts of money.

  3. Socialism reduces people to the lowest common denominator. Like the tyranny of communism, socialism establishes slavery to the State, rather than freedom of self-determination with the government protecting that freedom.

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