Estonian Reporter Recognizes al-Qaida Terrorist Among German Refugees


An Estonian reporter interviewed an al-Qaida terrorist in 2013 and, lo and behold, he found him among the German refugee population two years later.

That was in September of last year. The terrorist is now somewhere in Germany or perhaps he’s moved on to another Western country.

It’s okay, Merkel promises to ban the full-face veil if Germans vote her back in after she social engineered replacements for them.

Liberals – leftists really – will mock you as a conspiracy theorist if you say refugees will exploit our unvetted refugee population, even though terrorists have told us this is what they will do exactly that.

The leftists – Democrats – are claiming attacks on Muslims are increasing since November 8th which is absurd. New York City’s commie mayor said attacks went up by Islamophobes by 32% but there were only 12 the year before. There is an increase on attacks on Jews, he said, and he wants you to believe it’s coming from Trump supporters though Trump’s family is Jewish and he wants to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

Then there are the hoaxes put out by the Muslim Brotherhood, which Obama has embraced.

The leftists who demand we keep our borders open, ignore visa overstays, and praise the overly-large flow of unvetted refugees by the tens of thousands, are the same liberals who nestle in their cocoons, not allowing any of these refugees near them. It makes them feel morally superior to blather on about illegal immigration being equivalent to immigration and how taking in the most morally primitive of humanity, like drug cartels and terrorists, is a good thing for the USA. They don’t differentiate.

They are the same people who will protect criminal aliens and gangbangers in their sanctuary cities. They are the same people who are burning their databases of foreign criminals in their sanctuary cities.

They will call you a hater for exercising common sense and wanting to feel secure, wanting to keep you own money.


  1. Interesting article. And I am impressed with your writing ability and style. Good work.

    The main reason I’m contacting you is that I wanted to see if I might be able to talk with you about your sources for this article (and If there were additional sources aside from these individual social media posts) and if you have fully verified the authenticity of this story.
    Also, Is this article an editorial by your publication?

    Thank you for your time!

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