Finally, the Federal Government Is Shut Down!


DC snow

Who would have thought that all we had to do to close down the government is pray to the snow god. Congress has decided to take a week off because of the snow and the State Department wants a month off from going through Hillary Clinton’s emails – they asked for that before it snowed.

They’re trying to delay the release of emails until after the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries of course.

The House will be out of season for the week due to “the severity of the winter storm in the DC area,” the hill reported.

It’s no problem because they were barely going to work this week anyway.

Democratic lawmakers have a retreat Wednesday through Friday.

In my position, retreats are on holidays and weekends, not during work weeks.

On Long Island, we had a foot to two and we are all out and about.

DC had about two feet of snow.

But the government is shut down, omg, doesn’t that mean we have to close monuments, lay off air traffic controllers, and stop military pay?