Gaddafi Killed – Update


Hillary Clinton said the other day, about Gaddafi, “We hope he can be captured or killed soon” …while in Libya, to Libyans.”

Is that legal coming from a Secretary of State? We can’t waterboard anyone, but we can issue our own version of a Fatwa now? I’m not supporting Gaddafi mind you, but I do question this hypocrisy.

Warning, this video is the killing of Gaddafi from a cell phone. At least we didn’t waterboard him, that would have been so much worse

It was only recently that Gaddafi was pitching tents in New Jersey. We could have captured him then for human rights abuses and for the Lockerbie bombing, but instead we decided to spend over a billion dollars to assist the Libyan rebels in doing it, the rebels who are  a group that represent freedom or fascism, it’s unclear at this time.

Gaddafi died quickly after his capture on Thursday, after an eight-month uprising on his hometown Sirte. Gaddafi’s convoy was bombed by NATO drones (French and U.S.). Gaddafi was allegedly shot running away. He hid but was pulled out of an underground drain, beaten, and killed by the mob, possibly shot in the head. In his last moments, he said, “Don’t shoot.” CBS

He will be buried in an unmarked grave outside the gates of his village.

Influential Muslim cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi had issued a fatwa that any Libyan soldier who can shoot dead embattled leader Muammar Gaddafi should do so ‘to rid Libya of him.’.

What I would like to know is why aren’t we demanding the return of Megrahi after spending billions. The Lockerbie bombing is not resolved until Megrahi has met justice. He is supposedly near death. We’ll see.

From Reuters:

Al-Megrahi was sentenced to life in prison but released by Scottish authorities on health grounds in August 2009, a decision that infuriated members of the victims’ group.

“Sure the guy is supposedly dying, but he also knows who else is behind it and he should be in prison and that’s where he should die,” said Brian Flynn, vice president of the Victims of PanAm 103 group.

“There were other people behind the bombing, it wasn’t just al-Megrahi and it wasn’t just Gaddafi,” said Flynn, whose brother J.P. Flynn was killed in the bombing.

Another problem I have is that Obama kept saying we weren’t leading the Libyan campaign, but now that Gaddafi is caught and deceased, Obama is taking credit. We are in charge, we are not in charge…which is it?