Government Motors Sold Out To Chinese Communists


I can see the UAW being pleased with Ford, an American car company that survived without a bailout, but why Government Motors? GM is moving their operations to China. 70% of their operations are currently in Communist China.

The Obama administration is working closely with the Chinese Communist government and giving them our technology.

Saginaw, Michigan GM Plant Owned by Communist Chinese

This is why the Janesville, Wisconsin plant closed – R&D operations went to China. This was after President Obama promised to keep it open. Read about it: Janesville plant closing – the true story.

Factcheck did look at this video and said it is in error because one-third of GM’s operations are still here and the headquarters are based here – are they kidding? That supports what this video contends. No more GM for me – Ford or Japanese cars only.

The United States is selling weapon technology to China and they in turn sell it to Iran. That’s insane.

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Sara Noble

Sara Noble

Sara Noble, B.A. English Literature, St. John's University; M.S. Education, M.A. Administration, Hofstra University. World traveler. Worked with children as a teacher and school administrator for three decades. Published in educational journals, children's mystery magazines, and was an editor at This Week Magazine. I am devoted to an America that promotes free enterprise and ingenuity, values the Constitution as intended, and does not encourage a nanny state under the casuistic banner of "the common good".