Guess Who Says Red Diaper Baby Bernie Is a “Mainstream Candidate”



Steny Hoyer said that communist Bernie Sanders is a mainstream candidate. He’s worried that Ted Cruz is very ideological but Bernie, the Marxist flag waver, isn’t according to him. Hoyer is so far left that he wouldn’t have a clue as to what mainstream is. Hoyer is in the pockets of Planned Parenthood and the SEIU.

During his quarter-century in Congress, Mr. Sanders has been the chief sponsor of just three bills that were signed into law: two renaming U.S. Postal Service offices in his home state of Vermont and one that increased the annual cost-of-living raise for veterans’ benefits, which he secured as chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee in 2013.

Steny comes in about midway in this video.

The “mainstream” candidate Bernie was the narrator for a documentary on Eugene V. Debs in 1979 in which you can hear him re-enact the socialist revolutionary’s words, referring to wage earners as “slaves” oppressed by “some capitalist Parasite”. He calls for workers to fulfill their “great historic mission” to “overthrow the capitalist system.”

Angry old red diaper baby Bernie has a plaque of the Socialist political leader Eugene V. Debs on his wall and has called him “one of the important heroes of American history.”

The mainstreamer honeymooned in the Soviet Union at the end of the Cold War.


As mayor of Burlington, Vermont, he displayed a Soviet flag in his mayoral office and claimed he did so to honor Yaroslavl, Burlington’s sister city in the U.S.S.R. In addition, he made Puerto Cabezas in Communist Nicaragua another sister city of Burlington.

In 1989 Sanders addressed the national conference of the U.S. Peace Council, a Communist Party USA front group. He interacted with the Communist Party USA at a time when it was extremely dangerous in light of their ties to the Soviet Union during a Cold War, Frontpage Magazine reported.

The words he uses betray his end-goal which is actually communism, not socialism.

In this video, he touts the successes of Cuban communism.


  1. Steny Hoyer was listed as a member by the Democratic Socialists of America, an affiliate of the Communist International. Reds like Sanders ARE mainstream to him.

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