Heroic Black Rev. Calls Out Milwaukee Lies


Milwaukee was only about an officer doing his job and now he is receiving death threats. That isn’t me speaking, it’s Jonathan Gentry, a minister at the West Angeles Church of God in Christ, a heroic man who speaks the truth in the face of opposition.

Rev. Gentry has been making news for a couple years and has made videos that have gone viral. He tells the truth on youtube, Facebook and Twitter to change minds, one person at a time to quote him.  He has been interviewed by Neil Cavuto of Fox Business.

This is one of the comments he made on that post and he’s right. The community leaders know the truth — they aren’t stupid.


The young officer who shot the criminal in Milwaukee in what appears to be a just shoot grew up poor in the Hood and he made good. The people in the neighborhood who were riled up by the left are now threatening to kill him and they will probably destroy his career as Officer Darren Wilson’s career was unjustly destroyed in Ferguson.

Pray that doesn’t happen. for now, he had to leave the area. His home address was given out on social media with calls to kill him.

Black Police Officer Who Shot Armed Criminal in Milwaukee Is Facing Death Threats