Intellistreets – A Little Like Big Brother


I don’t know about these lights, I think this is a little like Big Brother. They can watch us and record whatever it wants about us. Oh, and they communicate with each other. When do our rights come in? Privacy takes a back seat of course. I guess the police won’t need search warrants any longer. I think when Obama talks about transparency, he doesn’t mean the government, he means we’ll be transparent. Can’t wait until the government gets our medical records too.

Farmington Hills, Michigan has just put in place a new light pole system along a 10 mile stretch of road. It, first of all, lights the street, but that’s hardly enough. It also has an audio, video, and digital set up. It can give public announcements and do amber alerts, take pictures and video of you, monitor and record your conversations, collects and saves data about you for transmission to the main computer. Each light has the capability of an iphone roughly.The capabilities of the devices include homeland security, public safety, traffic control, advertising and video surveillance features.

From the Daily Mail:Using street lights as Minority Report-style broadcasting platforms for advertising and government propaganda also dovetails with the Obama administration’s agenda to have complete control over communications by means of the Emergency Alert System and the program to have all new cell phones display mandatory “emergency” messages from the federal government by next year.’

In Britain, Middlesbrough council introduced streetlights with speakers attached in 2006 to blast warnings at people indulging in anti-social behaviour.

Last month Mail Online revealed that talking bins, which feature celebrity voices thanking people for not dropping litter are being installed in Liverpool and London.

One blogger said, the fact that they spent tens of billions on think-tanks, privately funding the set up of the UN etc etc should tell you that they are deadly serious. Oh, I forgot they are only talk-fests and have no import, that’s why leading politicians attend them, just to pass the time of day.


This may not be a conspiracy theory so much as a conspiracy. Look at the government’s attackwatch (snitch)  site aimed at collecting information/posts made by political bloggers.