Japan Shows Obama Up for What He Is


japan refugees

Japan must improve the living standards of its own people before it can consider accepting Syrian refugees, the prime minister, Shinzo Abe said, as he announced $1.6 billion in new assistance for Syrians and Iraqis caught up in conflicts in the Middle East. They are generous, but they won’t endanger their own unlike Obama.

It shows Obama up for the fool he is.

While the US is looking to take in countless numbers of refugees we can’t vet, Japan is working to keep them out. They are preserving their culture and protecting themselves from the global jihad in defiance of UN demands.

Out of the 7,533 people who applied for refugee status in Japan in 2014, or appealed earlier refusals, only 11 were approved. In the past five years, the proportion of applicants granted refugee status in Japan has dropped to below 1 percent — in 2014 it was just 0.2 percent.

For the most part, Japan has shut its doors. Of the 22,559 people of all nationalities who have sought political asylum in Japan since 1982, immigration figures show, only 633 were granted refugee status.

To alleviate labor shortages in the construction sector and other industries, the government has expanded a program that brings in foreign technical trainees. The understanding is that those trainees will go home; in reality, many escape the menial, low-paying jobs they are sent to fill, in some cases seeking refugee status.

People are accusing them of using slave labor to force them to change their view on refugees.

During a recent visit, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres insisted the government to increase the number of people allowed to resettle in Japan, “and especially now to look into the humanitarian admissions of Syrians.”

Guterres also urged Japan to improve its asylum system, which many working with refugees say is flawed, and to do a better job of integrating those its accepts into their new communities. The man is the head dictator of the dictators’ club.

Japan knows something we don’t – how to protect their citizens.

It was former DHS Secretary Tom Ridge who only recently admitted that we cannot vet these people. It won’t matter to Obama or Hillary.


Source: AP