Life in a Liberal Hellhole



Nothing is free, everything is regulated and hospitals are overflowing with heroine overdoses. Crime is on the rise as are the numbers of illegal immigrants.

While law-abiding citizens are regulated and controlled, criminals are getting more freedom.

You might soon be able to spit, litter, urinate on the streets of this city and violate park rules. You can live on the streets if you want. If you want to drink alcohol openly and then leave your bottle or can in the gutter, no problem.

Too many lawbreakers have been inconvenienced being arrested by these “broken windows” crimes and the solution is to let them do what they want.

Police rarely arrest people for these offenses but having the option has kept people under reasonable control. That option will be taken away.

There will be summonses and fines but they can all be waived.

City Council President Melissa Mark-Viverito said these laws are “annoying” and “inconvenient” and certainly “racist”. Council member Jumaane Williams said “How would you respond to advocates who believe that low level offenses such as ‘open container’ are charged improperly, to get communities of color entered into the criminal justice system?” She’s the same person who sponsored a bill to end enforcement of turnstile jumping because being arrested is “very disruptive” and “causes financial hardship.”

Council member Rory Lancman said the laws are racist. He tried to say certain districts receive more summonses because the police are singling out the inhabitants. That’s not the reason. The reason is that these districts are where these types of offenses are being committed.

Councilman Antonio Reynoso wants no quality of life laws. The offenders will go into debt, he rails.

You must have guessed which city it is. New York City is going down unless you think spitting, littering, jumping turnstiles, parking illegally, drinking openly, being over-taxed and over-regulated is A-OK, in which case, you should move here because if this keeps up, the rest of us are leaving.

Communists want chaos and they are in charge. We’ll be yearning for the good old days of the incompetent David Dinkins.

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