Mark Levin: ISIS Is Winning This War


Mark Levin Show

Have you noticed nothing works under this president? Levin asked on the Sean Hannity Show last evening.

“He’s so busy transforming us, he’s not doing his job”, Levin said.

Levin called for someone to get to the bottom of the lack of preparation by this administration for the ISIS threat. Did Barack Obama know about ISIS for years and keep it from the public? Levin wants congressmen to hold him to account – it’s life and death.

These pinpricks [ISIS] are winning this war…despite these bombing raids…he has the military on a short leash.

“Big Government, liberalism, well congratulations, you have it,” he said.

“What’s remarkable is he [Obama] doesn’t engage in circumspection and pull back…it’s full speed on the gas pedal, now it’s executive amnesty…it’s one thing after another after another.”