Medicaid for All: Obamacare Will Become a Single Payer System



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video clip of Dr. Ben Carson explaining that Obamacare will eventually require everyone to pay.

No one person can ever understand the entire Obamacare plan of over 10,000 pages. No one knows how it will be rolled out, how it will be paid for, or how much it will cost. We were supposed to pass the bill to find out what’s in it according to Nancy Pelosi but apparently that’s not proving true.

Obamacare is making healthcare companies take only the sickest customers. Doctors will be forced to drop the sickest and most elderly patients or they won’t be able to earn an income. The best doctors will not take insurance and the rich, not Main Street, will get good healthcare.

The supposed gold, platinum, bronze insurance plans are a farce. They are not gold or platinum or bronze – more like dirt than any of those.

Prices of healthcare is skyrocketing and will only get worse. Industry and Congress are exempt leaving only the people on Main Street to pay for it.

Obamacare inflicts draconian interpretations of what is full-time work with a lot of people being forced onto part-time work because employers simply can’t afford the costs of the affordable healthcare. Washington State, for one, is about to put their government workers onto the healthcare exchanges which have been delayed because they are a mess.

The entire healthcare plan is, as retiring Democratic Senator Max Baucus said, a train wreck. He helped write the bill.

The healthcare plan was supposed to put everyone on health insurance, which will not happen. It was supposed to lower costs which isn’t happening. Obama knew all along ACA would not do this.

President Obama wants to crash the US healthcare system so he can put his single payer system in. The insurance companies will have to raise their prices so high that people will be forced into the government exchanges. Medicaid for all!

Obama knew the American people would never buy into single payer all at once. The fact is most people were happy with their insurance companies and their doctors.

Communist nations love having people completely dependent on the government for their very health. Why would Americans want to model their healthcare off theirs?

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