Money for ESL for Illegal Aliens Is Being Taken From Regular Student Programs


The influx of illegal aliens, particularly children, is taking away from the education of children who are citizens. It’s not rocket science – it is obvious and this is going on throughout the nation. The money has to come from somewhere.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform or FairUs, ESL spending for the large illegal alien population is requiring officials to raise property and transit taxes in the D.C. metro area. Money meant for students who are citizens is now being diverted into ESL programs.

That’s just the D.C. metro area.

According to FairUS, illegal immigration in California costs state and local taxpayers about $25.3 billion for a yearly burden of $2,370 per household headed by a citizen.

About half of the expenditures result from the costs of K-12 education for the children of illegal aliens — both those illegally in the country and those born in the United States. Another major outlay ($2.1 billion) goes to ESL.

North Carolina pays out $578 for every household headed by a native-born or naturalized U.S. citizen. Half of the fiscal expenditures result from the costs of K-12 education for the children of illegal aliens — both those in the country illegally and those born here to illegal aliens. Another major outlay results from the need to provide supplemental English language instruction to students with Limited English Proficiency. Together, these educational costs are more than two-thirds of all expenditures.

It’s every state in the union.

ESL costs each affected district about 25% of their budget. The federal government that allowed this illegal immigration isn’t paying – the local districts are paying.

According to the FairUS report, non-English speakers can cost up to twice as much as their proficient counterparts.

“ Education experts have long realized that the cost of educating a student who is not proficient in English far exceeds the amount actually allocated,” the report said.”

To educate an average child in New York, the costs range from $23,000 to about $33,000. If the child needs special education, the cost rises exponentially to a figure into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most of the illegal alien children will need special help and they all need ESL. Some are traumatized and need emotional help, others are handicapped and were sent here because they are. Still others are not intelligent or have attended school sporadically.

A former congressman from Long Island – a Democrat – Tim Bishop actually said last year that the dozen or so illegal alien children taken into Southampton schools only cost an additional $40,000 in total. The only way that is possible is if the money was taken from the other students. Southampton has a large Shinnecock population that needs help – it takes from them.

The CATO Institute put up a graph that shows the increase in spending with the corresponding stagnation in test scores.


The CATO Institute has supported increased legal and illegal immigration stating that the immigrants contribute more in taxes than the costs of their services. However, it is now true that Mr. Obama is opening all welfare and entitlement doors to them. It used to be the case that immigrants found it difficult to get welfare. That’s no longer true under this administration.

This administration has incentivized illegal immigration and invited people here to live off entitlements which is a complete 180 degree turnaround in American values. It’s not solely immigrants of course. He wants all of us enslaved by the government.

While it’s true immigrants, like most Americans, prefer work, it is also true that a government can change minds and hearts, especially if they can’t find decent paying jobs because they are uneducated.

Contrary to the propaganda, immigrants aren’t magically superior and better workers than citizens. They’re no different but they are cheap labor when they first arrive which is their real appeal for business leaders. The administration, for their part, wants them to push us into a one-party nanny state.

The Heritage Foundation and The Center for Immigration Studies disagree with CATO’s analysis that immigrants do not partake in the welfare system.

As a recent comprehensive Heritage study points out, the average household in America receives more than $31,000 in government benefits and services — federal, state, and local, minus pure public goods such as defense and interest on the debt. Very roughly, this is the median income of a household headed by an immigrant with a high-school education or less. There is no way for these households to pay enough in taxes to cover even the average consumption of public services.

These households are relatively large and on average receive a good deal more in public services than $31,000.

The accompanying figure from the Heritage report shows welfare use and income-tax liability for households headed by an immigrant who has lived here for 20 years, and who thus is not a new arrival.welfare-by-ed

Barack Obama’s amnesty gives illegal aliens social security and all its benefits. They are entitled now to Earned Income Tax Credits – welfare – and they will receive other freebies that taxpayers simply can’t afford.

He has given them incomes, free clothing, room and board, free medical and dental, phones, free education and so on.

It is unsustainable and it’s robbing our young citizens of the education they deserve. It’s also stealing the opportunity from would-be legal immigrants to come to the United States.

Sources: YouViewed and FairUS