More Fracking Price Increases Coming Thanks to the War on Oil & Gas

New York's Bastion of Propaganda

My grandmother told me to not take anything I read as gospel. Everything I learned in life I can connect to some saying, witticism or warning my grandmother gave me. She was a wise woman. I am grateful for that background now as I read the news.

In an age when we should be freer and our press should report the truth, we get Pravda in the form of the New York Times. The Times (and most other media I’m afraid) is merely propaganda for the left. If you love the left perspective, all well and good, but you’re still not getting the truth. You’re getting what you want to hear.

The Times hates oil, gas and coal. Everything they report will mirror that view so read this article circumspectly and then, please, do your research. I do include some research at the end of the Times clip.

From the New York Times: “A federal Department of Energy panel issued recommendations on Thursday for improving the safety and environmental impact of drilling in shale formations for natural gas.

In a report on the drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, that is used currently in most oil and gas wells, the seven-member Natural Gas Subcommittee called for better tracking and more careful disposal of the waste that comes up from wells, stricter standards on air pollution and greenhouse gases associated with drilling, and the creation of a federal database so the public can better monitor drilling operations.

The report also called for companies to eliminate diesel fuel from their fracking fluid because it includes carcinogenic chemicals, and for companies and regulators to disclose the full list of ingredients used in fracking…” Read here: Times propaganda, assuming not reporting

The extremists, who like to call themselves environmentalists, are really out for control. They are continuing, successfully I might add, their war on all energy sources that are not biofuels. Fracking is trumped up and the Times would have us believe these EPA rules are for our health and safety – do you honestly think they care about our health and safety?

They want to rid the earth of oil, gas and coal (and nuclear which is the greenest of green fuels) and they don’t care what it costs us slobs at the bottom of the rung. You see the people on the top aren’t who you think, they are not the “rich” per se, they are the government elites, the environmentalists, and the UN lovers. Fracking is another lie and manufactured crisis. We won’t be able to afford to fuel our houses or gas our cars – but that is what they want.

Here is the real scoop.