MSNBC Edits Tape of Sandy Hook Testimony to Manipulate the Public


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The mainstream media seems to think their job is to publish state-sponsored propaganda instead of facts. The latest example comes from MSNBC.

I am not sure that MSNBC qualifies as mainstream media but they think they are so I will go with it for now.

MSNBC posted an edited tape of Neil Heslin, father of murdered Sandy Hook child Jesse Lewis, as he provided testimony about gun control. The article which included the tape was entitled, Emotional father of Sandy Hook victim heckled by gun nuts.

The only problem with the article is that it was meant to enrage people against gun rights advocates by leaving out one important segment in the tape which included a question by Mr. Heslin. Mr. Heslin asked the audience why anyone would need an assault-type weapon or large-capacity magazines.

Aside from the content, the question is important because the alleged “heckling” was actually not heckling but rather a response to this question. MSNBC made it appear as if Mr. Heslin was interrupted and heckled by “gun nuts” out of the blue.

The anti-gun nuts have an agenda and they don’t mind using victims’ families to push it FORWARD.

In the unedited tape, you will see that Mr. Heslin asked a question, hesitated, and then said that the silence meant no one could answer his question, which prompted one person to say “second amendment” and another to say “shall not be infringed.” Several others joined in respectfully.

This is the edited tape:

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via MSNBC, proud as a peacock, distorting the news

Twitchy posted the full unedited version of the tape which includes the question at about 15 minutes into the tape:

Did the audience overreact to a rhetorical question? That is a matter of opinion, but MSNBC is not entitled to determine what our opinion will be. Journalists are supposed to present the facts and let us decide.

Mr. Heslin has suffered an impossible loss and any feeling person would completely sympathize with everything he said.

This isn’t about gun rights however. This is about a corrupt media controlling the message instead of reporting the facts.

The left jumped on this distorted version of events and the twitterverse went wild with insults aimed at Second Amendment advocates. Check out the left-wing nuts on Twitchy.