MSNBC Host Mocks Rand Paul for Trying to ‘Starve the Government’


burning the tax cod

Presidential candidate Rand Paul took a chainsaw to the tax code – all 70,000 pages of it – burned it and threw it in a woodchopper in his latest ad. He didn’t get the attention he could have gotten by giving out Lindsey Grahams’s personal cell phone number but it was pretty good.

Who wouldn’t love to see the tax code put in a wood chipper after being set aflame? I’ll supply the matches. Paul even talked about the IRS targeting of innocent Americans, something that is being ignored by a number of presidential candidates.

The ad set off MSNBC’s Alex Wagner during her show NOW. The panel of left-wing statists mocked the entire idea as if 70,000 pages of tax code somehow makes sense.

Paul needs to “understand the levers of power and respect them,” Wagner said. Paul can’t “Starve the government. And it is like that is actually not how a functioning democracy works.”

That would be funny if it wasn’t so representative of how these people think.

They really think everyone’s money belongs to the government for them to blow.

Paul wants to starve the poor government. How could he? All the abominable agencies are just keeling over from lack of sustenance! What’s going to happen? Obama will have to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Wagner: “The chain saw is pretty cool. I like a good horror flick and a chain saw. But he’s running for president and the flat tax got so much grief from both sides of the aisles. Republican economists were saying this is so insane. He has no idea how the tax code works. He couldn’t possibly fix it. So he went away for a little while and this is the big move to come back.”

CORN: “I think he made a big mistake by not doing this at a kegger. Would have been a lot more interesting. What’s next? Is he going to burn an ISIS flag and she’s going to start breaking Chinese chopsticks.”

WAGNER: “Chop sticks are not the only thing that can represent China but I digress there. What sort of bothers me about this beyond the tax plan is that the way you repeal the tax code is not actually through violent action with chain saw or flaming –“

CORN: “Not yet.”

WAGNER: “But it is part of this kind of narrative that like, break it all down. Get rid of it all. Starve the government. And it is like that is actually not how a functioning democracy works. And if you are running for president of the United States you need to understand the levers of power and respect them.”

CARMON: “I would say this seems perfectly calibrated to his targeted audience. And if only you knew what they knew then you would agree with them.”

WAGNER: “You too would get your chain saw as a side note he doesn’t even manage to get the chainsaw through the entire stack.”

CORN: “It is that bad. The situation is that bad Alex.”

CARMON: “Like a statement of robust masculinity. I think it’s very interesting to note that.”

These left-wingers don’t want to cut a thing. They just waste money left and right, growing the government.


  1. Rand Paul currently has my vote. Tiny-minded people who think the government has solutions for the little people are the useful idiots of our day, enabling power hungry statists in office to consolidate and rule with an iron fist.

  2. Law is force. The purpose of the law is to prevent injustice from reigning. These useful idiots want to maintain the current system of legal plunder for the sake of transfers of wealth, violations of property, power grabs, all of which are violations of liberty.

  3. What is getting me more and more annoyed is people are glossing over a very big fact that the left is teaching and indoctrinating our children and the rest of the simple minded misinformed public that we are a democracy. WAKE UP we are a REPUBLIC not a DEMOCRACY. WE THE PEOPLE NOT THEM THE GOVERNMENT. For the love of God who ever that may be for you WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA. Words Have meanings. A simple change of words means everything..

  4. “He doesn’t understand the tax code”, like those bozo’s do? There is a reason they are at the bottom of the news channel ratings. They don’t report the news. Only Progressive Marxist Socialist propaganda. And anything any Republican does they they can twist into something to either bitch about or make fun of.

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