No Joking with Obama These Days


No joking with Obama. He has lost his sense of humor. He missed the point of the birther joke actually being only a joke. He has joked about it himself. I thought Kenyans had a sense of humor (kidding, I’m kidding).

I don’t know how to capture tweets but the following is the Obama tweet dissing Romney’s birther joke.

Barack Obama

Our take: Gov. Romney’s decision to directly enlist himself in the birther movement should give pause to any rational voter across America.
24 Aug 12

I guess he thought Romney was serious or, more likely, he was hoping to convince others Romney was serious.

Obama jokes about his birth certificate himself and last week he was making fun of Romney’s dog carrier being strapped to the roof of his car years ago (this from a man who ate dogs).

Politico, in yet another disingenuous bit of indignation, said Romney’s joke drew a firestorm. From whom? Politico? Obama? Who cares? There’s no firestorm but the Dems were hoping there would be.

The crowd liked the joke.