Not An Endorsement But You Need the Information, Long Island


This is not a comment on Mr. Demos as a candidate. It is a statement about a radio host possibly affecting an election on Long Island when he is probably unaware of all the facts surrounding Mr. Demos’ candidacy.

I believe strongly that you have to decide who to vote for in a primary and not be swayed by celebrities.

Therefore, I am posting this letter –

SC 9-12: Urgent Action Needed To Defeat Tim Bishop!

Dear Members

We are hearing some rumors that George Demos is trying to get Rush Limbaugh to endorse him on his show again.  It didn’t help him last time, but we don’t want him to do any damage this time.  We just can’t take a chance. We are going to respond to any and all attacks that might prevent us from electing a candidate that will fight for our Liberty!.

We have drafted two letters that people can email to Rush at his email address and start a campaign to help Randy and mitigate any harm Demos might try to inflict.  I am including them both below.  You can choose one or the other and change them anyway they want to personalize them too.
Our Republic is hanging by a thread and we need to defeat Liberal Democrat Tim Bishop once and for all! Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
Please email Rush Limbaugh at
Yours In Liberty,
Bob Meyer
Suffolk County 9-12 Project

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