Obama Appears to Be Colluding With Raul Castro As Raul Demands GITMO Back


Suddenly, after all these years, Cuban president Raul Castro is demanding GITMO back. Coincidentally, it is exactly what Barack Obama wants. Obama will have no choice but to give it back and put all these war criminals in U.S. prisons where they can radicalize the population who are looking for any excuse to justify their bad behavior.

Some will just be released despite the fact that they are the worst of the worst. Others will be tried at the expense  of taxpayers, getting far too lenient a sentence because of clever tax-funded lawyers.


Castro, unsurprisingly, is demanding an end to the embargo, also exactly what Barack Obama wants.

Castro won’t restore full diplomatic relations without those concessions.

Who cares?

There is no doubt, the president will pull out his infamous dictatorial pen and phone and unilaterally give back GITMO. He will also do what he can to end the embargo.

If I were the suspicious type, I’d say the president of the United States and the communist terrorist Raul Castro are colluding together. It appears that way.

Barack Obama will not accept failure on the GITMO issue. He doesn’t care about anything but his ideology.

At least one of the five GITMO detainees exchanged for deserter Bowe Bergdahl has probably returned to the battlefield so he can continue terrorizing. U.S. spies say 4 of the 5 will most likely return to the battlefield and will pose a threat to U.S. interests.

Barack Obama made the exchange on his own because he wants to empty out GITMO. The safety of our military and civilians working abroad are of no concern when it comes to what he wants.

Bergdahl has been charged as a deserter according to Lt. Col. Schaeffer but the White House denies it. At this point, most people know the White House can’t be trusted to tell the truth. Lt. Col. Schaeffer is a Senior Fellow to the London Center for Policy Research and a member of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum. He is author of Operation Dark Heart.

Worse yet, Obama could be behind the lag in reporting the charges on Bergdahl and there is a lag. Bergdahl is a deserter and it usually doesn’t take this long to render a decision.

His display in the Rose Garden with the parents of Bergdahl was a disgrace, especially as the father spoke directly and gratefully to the Taliban in their Arabic dialect. Obama might not want the Bergdahl publicity right now.

Everyone can agree that we are glad to see Bowe Bergdahl back, however, he wasn’t worth five dangerous Taliban terrorists who have killed and will kill again. He isn’t worth the lost men who died while looking for him.

Bergdahl chose to leave his post and put other soldiers in danger as they searched for him while he played possum, evading them at every turn.

Barack Obama is friendly with our enemies, surrenders our advantage in all dealings with them while asking for nothing back, and he appears to be working in collaboration with them.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un is thought to be restoring his nuke program. He might as well strike while the iron is hot.

All the violence and mayhem centered around Israel and the United States can be traced back to Barack Obama’s foreign policies.

Until people realize what is going on, he will continue to get away with it. Until Congress decides to take advantage of the political crises Obama has created, we will lose standing in the world in a very dangerous way. At some point, we won’t be able to come back from it.