Obama Appoints French Socialist to Move US Forward Globally


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Obama has appointed one of the most influential and radical economic socialists in the world to his team on the Global Development Council. Her name is Esther Duflo.

Now that we are socialists, Obama hopes to speed us into totalitarianism with the statist economic model. You notice he didn’t pick a free market capitalist, right?

She has focused on microeconomic issues in impoverished countries, particularly on education, environment and health issues, key concerns of Obama’s, who envisions a global presidency.

She will now be able to influence how our country handles global poverty. She believes microcredit to the impoverished is a remarkable invention. Microcredit requires almost no collateral.

She is a purveyor of social economic justice, environmental justice. She wants to spread the wealth.

She recently said,

“I was always conscientious of the gap between my existence and that of the world’s poor,” she told weekly French magazine l’Express in a January, 2011 article. “As a child, I was extremely troubled by the complete randomness of chance that I was born in Paris to an intellectual, middle class family, when I could have just as easily been born in Chad. It’s a question of luck. It inspired in me a sense of responsibility.”

Read at France 24.

The intention of this administration is to take far more of our wealth and send it to underdeveloped nations. In order to do it more efficiently, she hopes to subsidize most everything with the money from wealthy countries like ours. She is brilliant, she cares about the poor, but she is a radical socialist. How much are we supposed to give? Apparently, there will be no end.


  1. 1992-93 ESTHER DUFLO trained in RUSSIA and
    is under Investigation for allegedly Funding Terrorists, Violating Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Fraud, Forgery, Tax Evasion and falsifying Documents.

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