Obama’s Clock Boy Is Taking His Skills to the Terror-Sponsoring Nation of Qatar

clock boy with genocidal maniac
Clock Boy with Genocidal Maniacal ‘Butcher of Sudan’

Clock boy announced Tuesday that he is moving to the terror-sponsoring nation of Qatar.

“After careful consideration of all the generous offers received, we would like to announce that we have accepted a kind offer from Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) for Ahmed to join the prestigious QF Young Innovators Program, which reflects the organization’s on-going dedication to empowering young people and fostering a culture of innovation and creativity.”

Ahmed is quoted as saying, “I was really impressed with everything that Qatar Foundation has to offer and the campuses are really cool. I got to meet other kids who are also really interested in science and technology. I think I will learn a lot and also have lots of fun there.”

Clock boy is famous for taking the face off a clock and putting it in a pencil case with wires dangling which made it look like a bomb. He claimed he invented a clock.

The school officials and police thought realized it wasn’t a bomb but when he was uncooperative, they came to the conclusion it might be a bomb hoax and arrested him.

The school and police were roundly criticized because if you see something, you should say something unless its’ a Muslim boy with a clock that looks like a bomb.

Clock Boy met with the butcher of Sudan last week and then went to an astronomy night gathering at the White House last night where he was told to NOT bring his clock “invention”.

clock boy1

President Obama spoke at the gathering of the importance of cultivating and encouraging those “glimmers of curiosity and possibility, not suppress them, not squelch them.”

That’s a glimmer alright!

Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, father of ‘Clock Boy’ and a former Sudanese National Reform party candidate for president of Sudan, shared another 9/11 Truther Facebook post, only this time in Arabic, claiming that the clock incident will lead to spreading Islam in America, according to Breitbart.

The post also alleges that the United States created 9/11 to manufacture the “war on terror.” Translated, the words read: “The events of September 11th were planned precisely to launch the war on Iraq, and 50% of the American people are becoming aware of that.”

Once again Barack Obama has jumped the gun and made a mistake.


  1. Yeppers, they have it all planned out. They will take over the world just by Sheer numbers. Simple math, breed like rabbits while they push for Gay rights and let them breed themselves out of existence.

  2. The best we can hope for is that he will make a ‘real’ clock bomb and blow himself up before he gets a chance to put it to use.

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