Odd-Even Rationing on Long Island & NYC This Friday




Is this the new normal?

Our Governor has done such a good job in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy – I’m kidding. We are going to have rationing for some time we are being told.

On Sunday, Governor Cuomo said the gas problems were getting better. It’s not so I’ve noticed. People are still without gas and some are without power on LI. NYC is much worse. Our hurricane has been followed by snow and ice. I don’t remember that happening before. The damage in NY alone has amounted to $33 billion according to our imperious leader, Andrew Cuomo.

Governor Christie might look like a horse but Governor Cuomo looks like a horse’s ass. At least Christie foresaw that things were going to go south and put the rationing in effect right away.

It’s been fun here on Long Island. A teenager knifed the owner of a BP station because he ran out of Premium. Another person was shot. I was at a station where a man shot a gun into the air. I saw another man hit a car in front while on line and the man whose car was hit jumped out and punched the other driver. Oh, joy!

We have such strict gun laws in NYC and guess what, everyone has a gun, they’re just not legal to carry.

Starting on 5 a.m. Friday, NYC and LI will begin odd-even rationing of gas “to ease congestion and frustration at gas stations.”

Thanks to all you politicians who didn’t prepare for the hurricane despite having almost a week’s notice. Special thanks to Barack Obama for sending the clipboard people from FEMA who do nothing but take notes and issue numbers.

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