Chilling Video of Shooting Death of Laquan McDonald Released, Chicago Braces for Violence

Native-American, Democrat, and a State Senator with a Surprising Message for America

US Bomber Pilots Won't 'Stoop to the Level of Our Enemy' by Actually Bombing

Terrorist-Tied Hillary Aide Sends Out a "Battle Cry" for Syrian Refugees

Why Is the EPA Giving Grants at All, Much Less to Foreigners and Marxists


The EPA is functioning as a radical Socialist institution on a number of fronts and no less so than in grant-giving. Whoever started the practice of having government agencies hand out tax dollars to support their latest “cause” should be flogged. It’s corrupt and it allows unelected bureaucrats to pass tax dollars through even more hands. Some…

Rand Paul on the Non-Disappearing Phone Records Collection Program


The government is telling us they did away with the phone records collection program. They were supposed to turn the information over to private entities but they haven’t done it. They voted to do it but that’s as far as it got. Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul on Sunday warned that the intelligence community is…

This Is Poll News In a Sea of Non-News Polls


A new Quinnipiac University poll surveying likely Republican caucus-goers released Tuesday shows Ted Cruz in a virtual tie with Donald Trump in Iowa, a caucus state. He has support from conservatives in that state. Donald Trump is at 25% and Texas senator Ted Cruz is at 23%. He doubled his support from October when he…