If Hillary Wins, We'd Better Nail Down the Valuables, Guard the Computers, Hide the Glue

Hillary's Foundation Honors Wife of Terrorist Bomb Maker

Lifelong Democrat Explains the Obvious as to Why He's Voting for Trump

Social Justice Snowflakes Go Berserk During Kansas University Debate on "Safe Spaces"

Hillary’s Foundation Honors Wife of Terrorist Bomb Maker


The Clinton Foundation honored the wife of a terrorist last week. Hillary probably locked up the terrorist voting bloc with this move. We hear about Trump allegedly vying for David Duke’s support but this doesn’t get even a glimmer of attention? Hanan al-Hroub, a Palestinian teacher spoke at a Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting dinner event…

Lifelong Democrat Explains the Obvious as to Why He’s Voting for Trump


This presidential election isn’t about Trump and Clinton, it’s about Capitalism vs. Socialism, Americanism vs. Socialism, Shaking up the corrupt system vs. living with four to eight more years of more of the same. Hillary’s agenda is Obama’s agenda on speed. There is no Democrat Party. There is a far-left Socialist Party and the Republican…

FBI Data: 7,712 Terrorists in USA in One Year – That We Know About


Breitbart Texas has exclusively obtained  FBI data that should be routinely released to the public. The data reveals that there were 7,712 terrorist encounters in one year and most were in border states, California, Texas and Arizona. The report titled, “UNCLASSIFIED/LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE”, contains data from the FBI-administered Terrorist Screening Center, the organization maintaining the…

Hillary Did It! She Destroyed Her Lead!

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Did anyone really believe Hillary could destroy a 12 to 20-point lead against a politically-inexperienced businessman? She did it! Last week she lost her lead in Iowa, Nevada and Florida. It’s gotten worse since then. In a new Bloomberg poll, Trump holds a two-point lead nationally: Trump is at 43 percent to Clinton’s 41 percent…