Good grief! Hillary Lies Again to Cover Up Her Truthful Statement

SOCIALISM ALERT! Term 'Refugee' Is Being Expanded to Build the Socialist Welfare State

Obama Thanks 100% Left-Wing Press for Working With Him

USA Moves Toward Communism: If This Doesn't Frighten You, Nothing Will

Obama Thanks 100% Left-Wing Press for Working With Him

Michelle looking grim during the Pledge and Obama feigning pride in country for the cameras.

I hate to keep going on about that great White House Correspondents’ Dinner in which vicious attacks and vulgarity ruled the evening, but this next point might have slipped past people. Barack Obama congratulated the press for promoting his agenda and for “strengthening democracy” and by that he doesn’t mean anything to do with the…

Video of Cruz Telling Trump Supporter He’s a Chump Goes Viral

cruz debates

Ted Cruz decided to debate Trump supporters today for some reason. It’s hard to say how this will go over but these particular Trump supporters were angry and impolite. When Cruz asked one man what he liked about Trump, he responded by saying the ‘wall’ while angry people screamed and mocked Cruz in the background,…

Hillary Accidentally Told the Truth But She Fixed It!


Alisyn Camerota said Hillary was a little too honest in March at a town hall on the 13th when she said that she wants “to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” Bob Graham’s remarks follow Hillary’s in the first video but they’re not worth listening to. Watch: Hillary fixed…