On This Day, We 'Pledge Ourselves to Each Other in the Cause of Human Freedom'

OxyMORON Alert-47% to Vote for “Well-Qualified Socialist”

Sheriff Clarke Warns of Oligarchical Rule and Talks of Revolution

Bakers Who Wouldn't Bake a Gay Marriage Cake Stripped of Free Speech

OxyMORON Alert-47% to Vote for “Well-Qualified Socialist”


With apologies to our founders. Gallup conducted a poll asking, “If your party nominated a generally well-qualified person who happened to be a_______, would you vote for that person?” If you fill in that blank with Catholic, Woman, Black, Hispanic, or Jew, over 90% of respondents said, “Yes.” That’s good news. The bad news is…

Sheriff Clarke Warns of Oligarchical Rule and Talks of Revolution

Sheriff Clarke

Leftists want a “living Constitution”, one that is flexible, one that allows changes to be made without a Constitutional Amendment process. As long as the decision is in their favor, then a handful of Oligarchs, lawyers who think they know what’s best for the people, can make the decisions. As some liberal websites are saying,…

Government Schools That Put IUDs In 6th Graders Without Parental Permission


Some government schools are now implanting IUD’s in children as young as 6th grade without parental permission. There are now 13 Seattle, Washington public high schools and middle schools that will arrange to have taxpayer-funded intrauterine devices (IUDs) implanted without parental consent. These schools have school-based health clinics where this takes place. They offer long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs), including IUDs…

Pictorial Essay on What Is Acceptable, What’s Not

Mao bulb

Help me out here. What is acceptable now in our PC world? We’re going to need a playlist because it’s confusing and there’s not much rhyme nor reason. I’ve listed a few but there are lots more and the list is growing. ACCEPTABLE Mao Christmas bulb on the White House tree. It remained for years.…

U.S. Is ‘Throwing Open the Door’ for Potential Terrorists

Mr. Barletta

A total of 65,000 Syrian refugees will be admitted into the United States before President Obama leaves office although we have no reasonable way to vet them. In addition, we are allowing returning ISIS terrorists with U.S. passports back into the country. Rep. Lou Barletta U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Hazleton spoke to this issue before about 50…

Cuba Is Now An American Tragedy


Time Magazine is celebrating the Obama deal with Cuba on this month’s cover and with an article inside titled, “Welcome to Paradise.” They call Cuba the New Cuba. They want us to rediscover the “charm”. This is the Cuba the propagandists want you to believe exists but it doesn’t. We aren’t going to bat for…