"Extremely Dangerous" Gun Bill Is Likely to Pass

This Is What the Controlling Leftists Do to a Beloved Pet

Lest We Forget Chinagate, Most Serious Scandal in US History

While Media Lies About Trump, Vets Should Look at the VA as If It Were Disneyland

“Extremely Dangerous” Gun Bill Is Likely to Pass


We never should have made Hawaii a state. They can’t wait to give our freedoms away. They seek to become the first state to put gun owners in an FBI database. Not only that, police will automatically be notified if a resident is arrested anywhere in the country. Obviously, that’s so their gun(s) are confiscated,…

This Is What the Controlling Leftists Do to a Beloved Pet

The Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals seized a capuchin monkey from a Brentwood home on Saturday, May 21. (Credit: Suffolk SPCA)

This story will fall on deaf ears if you’re a leftist, even if you are one who pretends you care deeply about animals. SPCA authorities in Brentwood have seized a small, 22-year old Capuchin monkey from its owner after they received an anonymous call from someone who ratted the owner out. The owner did not have…

Lest We Forget Chinagate, Most Serious Scandal in US History

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Repost from October 24, 2015 The “Chinagate” fundraising scandal plagued the 1996 Bill Clinton-Al Gore campaign and Hillary was very much involved.  Chinagate aka Commercegate is the most serious scandal in U.S. history. It involves the transfer of America’s most sensitive technology, including but not limited to nuclear missile and satellite technology, apparently in exchange…

She’s Barking MAD! Hillary Barks for ‘Fair Wages’

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  Hillary wants to determine wages and she wants to decide what’s fair for what business. Does she want a Federal law now to decide what everyone can make? Isn’t this what they do in Venezuela? We now have Barack Obama telling businesses they have to pay overtime for people making under $47,000. She’s crazy…

WTH! Our Next Generation Wants to Support Hamas Blowing Up Schools

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An American satirist and filmmaker decided to ask students in Oregon to donate to Hamas, calling his fake group, “Americans for Hamas” to find out what the students are learning in college and unfortunately, the results were horrific. The filmmaker told the students he was using the money he collected to blow up schools. Thanks…

FaKebook No More?


Facebook is an addiction and a necessity for many. It’s not likely people will give it up even if they know for certain that they are manipulating opinions [scroll to the end]. Facebook has been under fire for political bias in Trending Topics though there have been accusations of bias on individual pages. Senator Thune,…