Darrell Issa's Jarring Comments About Jason Chaffetz

Three Words That Show What's Wrong With Democrats' Thinking on Guns

What Next: Feds Investigate Hollywood Hiring Practices

Infuriating: Republicans Betray Republicans

Darrell Issa’s Jarring Comments About Jason Chaffetz


Darrell Issa might run for Speaker of the House, challenging Jason Chaffetz among others. Many believe Issa was too aggressive as Chairman of the committee Jason Chaffetz now heads – the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. On Morning Joe, Issa spoke openly and directly about his successor. “Jason’s a good man, an honorable man, but he…

What Next: Feds Investigate Hollywood Hiring Practices


What could be better than the monolithic government involving itself in the arts? The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has put Hollywood under investigation for not hiring enough women directors. Look to see quotas soon because the EEOC is in Hollywood to see what they can do, as CBS News phrased it. The EEOC is…

Infuriating: Republicans Betray Republicans


Herein lies the problem, the so-called Republicans prefer to marginalize those who don’t go along with the prevailing opinion which is to work with Democrats. That’s the view of a typical Republican, Rep. Charles Dent. The reason Republicans were voted in was to fight the far-left Democrat Progressives, not to work with them, but Dent…

Hillary Thinks NRA Members Are Dupes

hillary the horror

Hillary Clinton gave a speech in Iowa Wednesday and told her audience that the NRA keeps their members frightened, with the insinuation being that NRA members are dupes. She didn’t stop there. She told them that negotiating with the NRA is like negotiating with the terror state of Iran or the communists who were responsible…

We Can List All of Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Accomplishments on a Single Page

silly Hillary

In order to list Hillary Clinton’s most famous foreign policy accomplishments, it’s not enough to talk about what she did to Libya and Egypt, her corrupt foundation, her complete disregard for national security, or her run as Senator where she was not responsible for any substantive legislation. We must go back to 2008 when she recalled her accomplishments…

Obama Opens the Next Chapter in Destroying Fossil Fuels

wind power

The pro-climate change activists plan to replace fossil fuels with alternative energy sources. If they succeed, it could end in a disastrous shortfall in the global energy supply. Alternative energy as a total replacement for fossil fuels is wasteful and inefficient. Nevertheless, that is the path Barack Obama has put us on, not because he is succumbing to…

Selling Out America


The first wave of criminals are about to be released on the streets of America. It’s only the beginning and a total of 46,000 are expected to be released. One-third of them are illegal aliens. The administration has promised to deport the illegal alien criminals but they won’t says Sheriff Babeu. Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu…