Welfare Encourages Polygamy in the United States

Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox Can't Get Pizza At The Moose Shack

Weasels Are In Charge Of The Air Force

How Yahoo News Twists The Truth About ObamaCare

Welfare Encourages Polygamy in the United States


Welfare keeps some bad mores going and I’m not talking about race here. I’m referring to polygamy. There is a video going around stating that Muslim men in Michigan can have up to four wives collecting welfare which allows them to live quite well off the taxpayer. That’s not exactly accurate. There is nothing in…

How Yahoo News Twists The Truth About ObamaCare

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Read what comes out of the media and online with a jaundiced eye. Yahoo’s latest effort to pour sugar on the pile of lemons known as ObamaCare is effective if people don’t read carefully. It’s amazing what can be done with statistics and colored maps. Yahoo says that in 2006, “nearly 44 million people (close to 17% of Americans)…

The NRA’s Risky Ratings Stunt

Background Checks

by Julie on Politics The NRA dropped Connecticut Republican Mark Greenberg’s rating from an A down to an F earlier this month after he said that he would support universal background checks. This type of thing helps the NRA get attention, but it could do more damage than good in the long term. The NRA shouldn’t…

Abortion Debates Are Moving Towards Killing Born-Alive Babies

22 week old baby

h/t Rosalie Hansen Two days ago, College Fix reported that pro-life activists say they are encountering more and more college students who believe in post-birth abortion. One even suggested that killing a child 4 or 5 years of age might be okay because the children are “not aware”. While the article only deals with anecdotal and hearsay evidence, since abortion…

NY Dems Menace Voters Who Might Stay Home Election Day


The desperate New York State Democratic Party sent out bully letters to their constituents warning them that they will be monitored. They plan to review voting records to see who didn’t vote. The punishment will be a letter in their file. Specifically, the party will want to know why they didn’t vote. Newsday said it’s…

ObamaCare Exchanges Are Medicaid For All


h/t Herb Richmond Benjamin Domenech of the Heartland Institute put together a nice summary of what’s happening with ObamaCare which I’ve duplicated in part in this post. What’s happening is it’s becoming Medicaid for all. You can’t keep your doctor or your health plan for starters and you were lied to about that. My congressman, Tim Bishop kept…

Global Warming, The New Political Science Of Our Era

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The article summarized below was sent to me by my friend at Popular Technology. The biggest problem for me in the climate change/global warming debate is it’s more political science than science and it’s being manipulated by politicians. President Obama has taken over the climate change/global warming debate and made the science into a political science…