Senator's Daughter Who Turned EpiPen Into a Perfect Example of Crony Corporatism

Hillary Clinton's Covert Bigotry

Assange Finds US Media "Disturbing"

Trump's Border Wall Might Not Be Brick & Mortar?

Hillary Clinton's Covert Bigotry

Mrs. Clinton has relied heavily on her close adviser Sid Blumenthal for her foreign affairs advice. Blumenthal’s son Max is vehemently…

Hillary Clinton’s Covert Bigotry


Mrs. Clinton has relied heavily on her close adviser Sid Blumenthal for her foreign affairs advice. Blumenthal’s son Max is vehemently anti-Israel and he has been consistent in sending his advice and bigoted articles to the presidential hopeful. His communications have expressed deep anti-Israel sentiment to Hillary and, for her part, she was very receptive to them.…

Assange Finds US Media “Disturbing”


Julian Assange addressed the mysterious death of a DNC worker but said he didn’t know if he was a hacker. One might suppose that Assange has an inside source in the DNC but even he doesn’t know who it is. That is if you want to take Assange at face value. Assange is controversial and…

Trump’s Border Wall Might Not Be Brick & Mortar?

Donald Trump

I am and was a Cruz supporter but the truth is that, as of now, Senator Cruz wants Donald Trump to lose this election which means he wants Hillary to win and his former adviser has to be heard with that in mind, but more interesting is what Jack Kingston said. John Heddens “Jack” Kingston…

Chilling Socialist Rule on “Free” Speech for Lawyers Enacted

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The American Bar Association has adopted a new provision in its Model Rules of Professional Conduct [Resolution 109] and recommended it for state bars. Many states have adopted it which makes it binding. The ABA has gone from ignoring values and morals in decisions to limiting free speech with vague generalities. It is professional misconduct…

FBI Couldn’t Find Intent Because Hillary Destroyed All the Evidence

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Hillary not only had her 33,000 “yoga” and “wedding planning” emails deleted by her team of aides and lawyers, she had every trace obliterated after the records were under subpoena. Heather Samuelson, a longtime Clinton aide and former State Department official, oversaw the review of Clinton’s emails before they were given to the State Department.…

Soros Has an Urgent Global Strategy to Promote Unlimited Abortion In Every Country


LifeSiteNews reported that secret documents reveal George Soros’s global strategy to promote abortion in every country on earth. According to internal documents released by, billionaire financier George Soros is funding a three-year plan to eradicate pro-life laws around the world. The leaked document belongs to Soros’ Open Societies Foundations and reveals its 2016-2019 strategy for…