Putnam County Presser on Journal News’ Request for Names of Gun Owners


Journal News Staff

Putnam County Clerk Dennis Sant made a courageous decision to not comply with the FOIA request from the Journal News for the names and addresses of people who applied for or are licensed to own guns.

The Journal News published the names and addresses of licensed gun owners in Westchester and Rockland Counties. What the Journal News did is very dangerous. One police officer said he is very afraid for the safety of his family. One woman who had been stalked mercilessly and was finally able to hide from her stalker for two years is now receiving constant calls and hang ups.

The Journal News is behaving irresponsibly. I have the names, addresses, and other information on most of the staff of the Journal News but am not publishing it because they deserve to be protected just as the gun owners in their area deserve to be protected.

State Sen. Greg Ball addressed the Journal News, “I will fight with you until hell freezes over and then fight on the ice,” Ball said. “We will hold The Journal News’ Editorial Board accountable and I urge you to cancel your subscription and then tell your neighbor to cancel theirs.”

The courage and wisdom of the officials of Putnam County is to be admired.