Rep. King Tells Christie His feelings Are In the Way of Protecting Citizens

Rep. Peter King, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Commissioner Ray Kelly - Keeping NYC Safe

It is difficult enough keeping NYC safe without another state’s petty complaints about who should have been notified. NYC is the main target of terrorists. Ray Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg deserve our complete gratitude for the job they are doing without being held back by territorial politics.

Christie has leveled harsh criticisms against the NYPD for doing their job and continuing their surveillance in NY Muslim communities without notifying the police or FBI.

Rep. King’s response: “I think, in this case, Governor Christie was letting his personal feelings get in the way of protecting us against terrorism,” King told Fox host Don Imus. “He should be welcoming New York City and anyone else who wants to come in or out of his state, work with them and cooperate with them because terrorists go back and forth across city and state lines all the time.”

The FBI and civil rights groups joined the Christie chorus against the NYPD but they all have self-interests which are not necessarily in line with the welfare of citizens.

Christie’s response to Rep. King – Be Quiet.“Congressman King, he should really just keep quiet,” Christie told reporters. “He should worry about running for election. I think this is probably part of it because whenever he mentions my name he gets himself on TV.”

Congratulations to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who exhibits the toughness NYC needs. He says the NYPD will operate anywhere in the United States if it believes it’s necessary to prevent terrorism.

New York City is under the greatest threat by these terrorist groups and the NYPD needs to do all they can to keep their communities safe. Maybe Governor Christie should be quiet or worry about election.

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