Researchers Want Us to Believe Climate Change Helped Cause the Syrian War



The Syrian War was partly caused by a drought brought on by climate change according to a new study conducted by researchers at two left-wing universities.

I thought climate change caused flooding?

The climate change activists want you to believe climate change causes every adverse natural event and even man-made disasters.

Researchers from Columbia U and U of C Santa Barbara claim the drought collapsed farming so they did what any angry farmers would do, they became terrorists.

About 1.5 million migrated from farms to cities said climate scientist Richard Seager of Columbia who co-authored the paper published on Monday in the National Academy of Sciences. “It was a contributing factor to the social unraveling that occurred which eventually led to the civil war.”

They do realize there were other factors leading to the war such as Assad’s oppressive regime, an influx of refugees from Iraq, the Arab Spring…and the drought, they say.

It’s the “single clearest case”, Seager said. “You can really draw a blow-by-blow account with the numbers.”

I wonder why California farmers aren’t beheading people.

What was that Disraeli said? “There are three types of lie. Lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Then there is Mark Twain who said, “Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.”

I let Disraeli and Twain speak for me.