Sen. Rand Paul Posts His Festivus Day Complaints, I’m Glad I’m Not Marco


Festivus for the rest of us

In honor of comedian Seinfeld’s Festivus day ritual, Dr. Paul is posting his grievances on Twitter. You will be hard pressed to disagree with any or most of them. It’s pretty funny until you realize how much money is being wasted on absurd nonsense and payoffs. They’re probably all payoffs.

He also shows no mercy for his colleagues.

We will share them with you here.

We’ll start with Marco since I put him in the headline.

He went after the waste in DC.

Then he went after his colleagues.

I love this next one having been a TSA victim because all petite blonde school teachers need to be pawed and undressed!


Paul concluded with this.

In honor of the Democrats, I leave you with this and remember, “The cupboard is bare, there’re no more cuts to make!”