Single Most Important Takeaway from Trump’s Chicago Rally


crazed rioters

Donald Trump was interviewed by anchor Don Lemon on CNN just one day after calling the media “the most dishonest human beings on earth” which probably didn’t start the interviewer off well.

Trump didn’t want to see anyone get hurt so he canceled his Chicago rally and most would agree with that. He certainly didn’t cause the disturbance and shouldn’t be blamed for it but he could set a better tone, no doubt about that, but that wasn’t the problem. People are missing the point.

Lemon tried to push Trump on the idea that he is promoting a climate of hate, an argument the left uses and abuses constantly.

Look at the climate of hate that the left poured around Sarah Palin which they didn’t stop until they destroyed her. What about the climate of hate Obama, Bernie and Hilary stir up against police, whites, the rich and so on. The fact is that the goons at the Trump event were Bernie supporters – why aren’t they being called out?

Lemon failed to acknowledge the ideology behind the ‘protesters’ which was anarchism, communism and socialism. Lemon was oblivious to the fault on the part of the rabble rousers.

These thugs shut down free speech. They’re fascists and neither Lemon nor most on the left and some on the right seem to be as concerned about that.

The crowds cheered when the event was shut down. They considered it a success and plan more of this.

Safe spaces, PC-ism, and the whole rest of the alternative universe the left and the left-wing media in particular is setting up needs to be squashed.

The bottom line is this is fascism folks. We need to protect our Freedom of Speech and that was the most important takeaway from the Chicago Trump rally.