Movies That Show A Person Smoking Need to be Rated “R”

Brad Pitt in the movie Snatch. Smoking is a “no” but violence and sex is often PG.

Marin County, California has banned smoking in all public places and in private homes if a person is babysitting. They want to add a ban against movies in which someone is smoking or have them labeled “r.”

CSPNET says that a new group wants all movies with people shown smoking to be “R” rated. These are the same people who love planned parenthood and its raunchy training films which show children how to have sex.

The group’s demands are based on a new study – one study – in the journal Pediatrics which claims that 18% of adolescent smokers would never have started smoking if smoking had been eliminated from PG-13 movies, according to Legacy, a national public health organization known for the “truth” youth smoking prevention campaign.

The single study ignores the influence of other factors, such as, just maybe the parents smoke or don’t supervise. However, the Surgeon General agrees and wants smoking in movies stopped or labeled “R.”

People want the government in control of everything.