Socialism 2013 Conference: Chicago Teachers Are All In


hat tip to Rosalie Hanson


Unions are socialist organizations so one mustn’t be surprised when teachers show up at socialist conferences. The fact that socialism seeks the downfall of capitalism and free markets should also come as no surprise. So, why are we all called kooks for saying it? I can’t figure that out.

The unions are also tied tight with the Occupy movement, the members of whom are outspoken in their belief that our form of capitalist government must be destroyed. One only needs to go to one Occupy protest to know this is the case. The AFL-CIO, United Steelworkers et al helped coordinate the first Occupy protest and were present at it on September 17th 2011.

Unions, including teachers’ unions, rally with communists, socialists, open border groups, and others on May Day and whenever they want to make a spectacle of themselves.

Sadly, their numbers grow as unions grow.

When the Chicago Teachers’ Union went on strike in 2012, they marched with Marxists, Anarchists, and Communists, a fact not well-publicized.

The Chicago Teachers’ Union is getting their acclaim now. As you can see, they have made the cover of the Socialism 2013 Conference brochure.

It’s a double whammy! Our tax money is going to Marxists who want to overthrow our government and who get to teach our children their beliefs.

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