Axis of Evil Broker a Ceasefire in Syria

Emergency workers take survivors out of Eastern Aleppo
Rescue in Aleppo prior to the ceasefire via Sidney Herald

Putin announced a ceasefire in Syria Thursday. The country will be divided up among an Axis of Evil.

According to Tass, Russian President Validmir Putin announced ceasefire agreements in Syria Thursday. Peace talks will begin.

The agreement was reached between Russia, Iran, and their new friend, Turkey [our NATO partner]. The Syrian government has signed on to the ceasefire.

There is also a plan to divide the country up, presumably among an Axis of Turkey, Iran, Russia and possibly Assad.

This was predetermined. Months ago, we learned that Iran and Russia, and apparently Turkey, are dividing Syria into spheres of influence. Assad will remain in power until the next election.

Syria is now in the hands of a very evil Axis and one of the members is a NATO ally. This isn’t good for the United States and her interests overseas.

What is really ridiculous is that at the same time, Obama is making us more reliant on Middle Eastern oil while he lives under the delusion that we can survive on alternative energy not ready for market.

From Tass: “Reports have just arrived that several hours ago there was a development that we all have looked and worked for for so long. Three documents have been signed. A ceasefire between the Syrian government and the armed opposition is the one. A package of measures to control the ceasefire is the other. There is also a declaration of readiness to enter peace talks on Syrian conflict settlement,” Putin said at a meeting with Russian foreign and defense ministers.

Putin emphasized that it is the result of Russia’s cooperation with partners in the region, according to Tass.

Once again Barack Obama and John Kerry look inane and useless. Putin wiped the floor with these two, so did Iran. In fact, Turkey is moving to form a caliphate and align with Russia while Obama sleeps, immersed in his ideology, living in an echo chamber.

“No doubt, the agreements reached are fragile and demand special attention and assistance with the goal of preservation and development. But nevertheless, this is a notable result of our joint work, efforts of the Defense Ministry, the Foreign Ministry and our partners in the regions,” Putin said at the meeting with the foreign and defense ministers.

Putin said he’s in touch with Damascus and other capitals.  “They did a very great job jointly with partners from Turkey. We know that most recently a trilateral meeting of foreign ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran was held in Moscow where the three countries undertook commitments both on control and guarantees of peaceful settlement in the Syrian Republic.”

With special attention, patience and a professional approach to the issues, and with constant communication, they hope to reach agreements, Putin said. That sounds like a dig  at the U.S. administration.

Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama watched as nearly a half million people died and eleven million were displaced during Syria’s civil war.  As an aside, the administration also watched ISIS grow into the monstrosity it is.

Obama and his minions operated under the delusion that they could achieve peace without taking any substantive action, without showing strength to Russia and Iran, and by pulling back aid from our allies. Terrorists joined our allies as the U.S. did little.

President Obama and Secretary Kerry relied solely on diplomacy without even the threat of military action of any kind.

The HNC, the umbrella group representing Syria’s political and armed opposition factions, said that, because of the rebels’ limited resources against government forces and their factional allies, it was “not possible to continue” the fight, bbc reported.

U.S. support to the allies was pulled back from what already was insufficient backing.

In October, White House spokesperson Josh Earnest, was asked if there was a Plan B for Syria but he dodged. He deferred to the useless U.N.. If they were counting on the U.N., they’re dumber than we thought.

As Mika Brzezinski told her audience on MSNBC that Syria is Obama’s Rwanda. John Kerry did send his regrets. Mika echoed Obama’s line that we are a “war-weary country”.

No evidence exists that the majority of Americans objected to the threat of military action or some type of action to save nearly a half million people. Obama invented that phrase – war-weary country – to manipulate us.

Obama never does anything about anything unless it’s to move us towards domestic socialism.


  1. so the new geo-political power brokers in the m.e. will be russia and iran; with turkey and syria
    providing strategic depth for jordan and lebonan. this scenario stifles the saudis’ wahhabist ends
    and puts the kibosh on a zionist reclamation of the entire levant. well played, as the deaths of
    innocents will diminish and the refugees might return home to take up their lives, peace and all that.
    if this is indeed the case when mr. trump assumes office, he and his generals would be well advised
    to take military action against hamas and fatah while ‘demanding’ (not condemning in strong terms)
    that khamenei rescind the fatwa denying israel’s sovereignty.
    this would be a good start to the new year…b

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