NY Will Run Out Of Producers Eventually


As a lifelong resident of New York, I never realized we have a social tradition (an ethic?) of enabling the non-workers until I read this article. Of course, we want to help the needy, but when people come from around the globe to collect our entitlements, I believe it has gone too far.

From USA Today: New Yorkers get more government aid per person from social programs than residents of any other state, a USA TODAY analysis finds.

The state’s Medicaid program is the most expensive in the nation, driving the average cost of all government benefits in New York to $9,442 per person.

New York ranks 28th in Social Security payments per person and 9th in Medicare benefits. But the spending on Medicaid, the health program for the poor, is far above that in any other state. Only Washington, D.C., spends more.

New York spent $2,903 per person on Medicaid in 2010 — a third more than any other state. The U.S. average is $1,364. Nevada spent the least: $666 per person.

“New York has a social tradition, an ethic, if you will, of providing services to the entire population with a special welcoming attention to those at the bottom,” says James Tallon, a former legislative leader who heads the United Hospital Fund, a research group.

New York has unique challenges — a large number of poor people, often immigrants, and a high-cost of providing health care in New York City, he says.

The state’s relative affluence allows it to care for its poor. New York ranks in the middle of the pack in providing benefits to its residents when spending is measured as a percentage of the state’s income, the analysis found. Read more here: NY, Kingdom of Entitlements