The White House Boys: A Horrific Mystery at a Florida Reform School More Than a Half Century Ago

Mystery surrounding the cemetery for a boys reformatory in Marianna, Florida, decades later.

The following is a horrific story of the possible abuse and murder of boys as young as eight who were housed in a boys reformatory in Marianna, Florida.

Mystery burials have been uncovered at the reformatory and it is believed there are more bodies in a second cemetery. A research team from the University of South Florida headed up by Erin Kimmerle, associate professor of anthropology, now has 120 days to examine what is believed to be a second secret cemetery at The Dozier School for Boys in Marianna.

The dead youths, according to school records, died from a fire, the flu and unnamed causes. One boy was murdered by four others whom he overheard planning an escape. However, only 31 burials are recorded and that was never the right number. An examination of school records by the anthropologists uncovered 81 burials at the school.

It is only recently that former students, now elderly men, are coming forward with stories of physical beatings, sexual abuse and murder. More than 325 victims have come forward. They have dubbed themselves, The White House Boys, because of the small white building they were taken to for beatings.

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The White House Boys News Story:

The White House Boys have a website. I don’t know if their stories are true but hope that the anthropologists can find an answer. The boys sentenced to the school have, in many cases, committed serious crimes, but there are over 325 of them saying the same thing and, as one alleged victim said, how many witnesses do you need?