There Will Be No Hashtags from Michelle Obama for Meriem Wani


Will Michelle Obama start a hashtag war for Meriem Wani, the Sudanese Christian woman facing death for being a Christian? More to the point, will her husband call his brother Malik and ask him to intervene since he works for the Sudanese President?

Barack Obama could likely save the pregnant Sudanese Christian woman currently facing 100 lashes and death by hanging but, insofar as we know, he has said nothing, nothing at all. This is the president who weighs in on a Clippers owner, a shooting death in Florida and Cambridge police.

If he does or says anything in this case, it will again expose his close relationship with his brother Malik Obama, a friend to and supporter of terrorists, who currently works for the terrorist dictator running Sudan.

The media isn’t mentioning this connection. Maggie’s Notebook is the only one I saw reporting it and that was in the alternative media.

Barack Obama’s brother, Malik aka Aban’go aka Roy, who parades around advertising his support for Hamas, has a sham charity set up in Virginia that was expedited by none other than IRS’ own Lois Lerner. He also works for Omar al-Bashir, who was behind the attack on the US embassy in Khartoum, Sudan.



Malik Obama wearing Hamas scarf, which boasts, “Jerusalem is ours, we are coming.”

Al-Bashir is a brutal Islamic tyrant responsible for the deaths of at least 3,000 people in his war against Christians.

Malik is the Executive Secretary for the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), which is stationed in Khartoum, Sudan, and which is primarily focused on expanding Wahhabist Islam on the African subcontinent. He is an al-Bashir representative.

Malik is one of Barack’s ten half-siblings. They each were best men at the other’s wedding. During his brother’s presidential campaign, Malik Obama was a spokesman for the extended Obama family in Kenya, dealing with safety and privacy concerns arising from the increased attention from the press. Malik has visited the White House on numerous occasions.

Sudan judges have sentenced 27-year old doctor, Meriem Wani, to 100 lashings and death by hanging for being a Christian. She was raised Christian by her mother but her father, who was absent as she grew up, is Muslim, making her a Muslim in Sudan’s eyes. Allegedly his complaint or his son’s brought it to the attention of the judges.

Wani was given several days to renounce Christianity but refused.

Meriem Wani

Meriem Wani and her husband Daniel.

She is married to a naturalized American man from New Hampshire who has finally gotten the attention of the US embassy in Khartoum, but probably too late.

“Considering I am an American citizen, I am disappointed with the American Embassy’s position from the beginning of the whole case,” he said.

Prior to this, he attempted to get his wife and sons to America but they were denied a visa.

We are too busy welcoming criminal illegals from south of the border or terrorists from Syrian refugee camps.

Meriem Wani is in a Khartoum prison with her 20-month old son Martin. She is 8 months pregnant.

Her husband Daniel Wani is in his family’s home in Khartoum in fear for his own safety, not knowing what to do according to his brother Gabriel Wani. He will appeal the ruling.

Her defense team are Muslims who were under threat for defending her but said they were proud to defend her.

Meriem’s sentence has been delayed until she gives birth and nurses the baby for two months. Daniel has no rights to his 20-month old son or the unborn baby according to Sudan because he is a Christian. The judges revoked the marriage making her an adulterer.

U.S. Sens. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., and Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., issued statements condemning the action of the Sudanese court, but no word from the Obamas or Secretary of State John Kerry.

When will Mr. Obama make that call his brother?

This is the real war on women.

Full story at the New Hampshire Union Leader.