Third World Diseases, Third World Crime, and Terrorists in Obama’s USA


“We are defined not by our borders, but by our bonds.” ~ Barack Obama

A fifth child has died from the enterovirus which has also paralyzed many others, at least a dozen in Colorado. Before now, the virus – though it has been in the U.S. since the early 1960’s – had not spread in our First World country. It is, however, rampant in Third World nations like those in Central America.

Sharyl Attkisson posted an article on the issue Thursday in which she quoted a a study published in Virology Journal, which found EV-D68 among some of the 3,375 young, ill people tested in eight Latin American countries, including the Central American nations of El Salvador and Nicaragua, in 2013.

Usually, when an epidemic like this spreads, we hear frequent reports from officials attempting to trace its origins. That has not been the case with EV-D68. It’s not even mentioned.

The government has also kept secret the locations of the illegal alien children who were sent across our borders, many of whom had respiratory ailments according to the Border Patrol.

Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, however, has found a link.

Kansas City, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois, were the first states inundated with illegal alien children.

The EV-D68 outbreak was first recognized after Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri notified CDC on August 19 of an increase in severe respiratory illnesses. Four days later, on August 23, the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital notified CDC of a similar increase.

Attkisson’s story goes more in depth.

Does anyone doubt that the virus came from the poor, sick people crossing our borders?

One scientist said recently that if Ebola breaks out in Central America, we will have an unstoppable massive immigration from those countries to ours.

It’s not just Third World disease that’s being transported to our country, terrorists and criminals are crossing our borders.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz said last month said there were four terrorists caught at two different sectors illegally crossing our borders.


DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson later admitted the report was genuine. This administration would rather look uninformed and unintelligent than tell the truth.

Rep. Duncan Hunter knows at least ten ISIS were caught at the border.


Keep in mind that it only took 19 terrorists to implement 9/11.

Mexican drug cartels are in over 1200 U.S. cities.

The gangs are kidnapping Americans within our country.


The Sinoloa Cartel has set up a lucrative business in the United States and they hire illegal alien MS-13 gang members stationed in the U.S. to do their dirty work. It isn’t being reported by our government.

For example, as mentioned in the previous video, the DOJ gave out an official news release about the recent kidnapping of two teenagers but omitted the fact that it was orchestrated by the Sinoloa Cartel and MS-13, according to a new report.

Most U.S. crime is committed by illegal alien gangs like MS-13. They are the primary distributors of illicit drugs in the U.S.  The Justice Department said that up to 80% of crime in the U.S. is committed by gangs and that gang membership in this country has grown to 1 million, an increase of 200,000 in the last few years.

We have a growing presence of MS-13 here on Long Island.

According the U.S. Justice Department’s National Drug Assessment of 2011, Mexican drug cartels were reported to be operating in more than a thousand U.S. cities in 2009 and 2010. It has gotten much worse since that report.

These cartels control most of the distribution of heroin, marijuana, and meth in the U.S. and their operations are increasing, according to the report.

The report further states that the cartels in the U.S. operate primarily in Florida, the Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic, New England, New York, New Jersey, Pacific, Southeast, Southwest, and West Central.

The report concludes that these Mexican-based organizations “control access to the U.S.-Mexico border, the primary gateway for moving the bulk of illicit drugs into the United States.”

A few days ago the TusconSentinel online reported that convicted felons – at least one was a Mexican national – were caught in Pinal County with a dozen AK-47’s, more than a 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and a plastic bag with cocaine and marijuana and  photocopies of driver’s licenses belonging to an elderly couple, bank cards and Social Security cards.

It was a clear case of weapons and currency smuggling and it was well within our borders.

They were caught thanks to a traffic stop. The driver was Jorge Contreras, a convicted felon,  and the passengers were Alfredo Leyva, 36, of Mexico; and Manuel Martinez, 52, of Douglas, who were also arrested. Like the driver, Martinez also was a prohibited possessor of firearms because of a prior marijuana trafficking case.

Illegals have been rioting to stop traffic stop inspections by the way.

One suspect admitted to trafficking guns. The guns were being taken to the Mexico border where they would be handed through the fence to drug cartel members on the other side in exchange for money or drugs.

Half the illegal weapons in El Salvador come via MS-13 which operates in both countries. El Salvadoran prisons are run by MS-13. MS-13 has a strong presence in Guatemala. Guatemala City is run by MS-13 and Barrio 18. One day, it will be the same for us. Indeed, Islamic radicals and gangs have an overwhelming presence in U.S. prisons today.

In this country, MS-13 is an enterprise that participates in criminal acts, such as murder, attempted murder, violent assaults, witness intimidation and retaliation, and extortion. They are all illegal aliens.

This is what we can expect with 350 miles of unsecured border. These crimes can take place anywhere in the country.

For those who think it can’t happen here, it IS happening here and it is going to be our ruination.