Time To Boycott ABC News Advertisers!



There comes a time when phone calls, Emails and various other forms of communication falls on deaf ears and we’re left seemingly helpless as to what action we can take next.  I’ve never been a big fan of boycotts, but the time has come.

Americans need to boycott the advertisers of ABC News, and do so immediately.  And intentionally avoiding ABC News all together would be an excellent idea as well!

ABC has enjoyed being one of “The Big Three” major television networks for decades, but their reluctance to use the politics of abortion to prevent Americans from learning the truth about so-called Planned Parenthood Clinics – which are little more than abortion clinics, justified by law because they also hand out free condoms, set couples up with birth control pills and “fix” their mistakes.

Literally hundreds – and some would say thousands – of homicides committed each and every day and finally, one of the people allegedly responsible for those deaths is brought to trial!

Scott Whitlock, writing at Media Research Center, brings us up to date on this massive news coverup.

“Forty two days ago, on March 18, 2013, abortionist Kermit Gosnell went on trial, charged with the grisly murder of multiple babies and a patient. Yet, in the seven weeks that followed, ABC News has permitted no coverage, discussion or mention of the case, not even a single utterance of Dr. Gosnell’s name.

But that’s not due to lack of interest in shocking criminal cases. Over the same 42 days, the Media Research Center found that ABC’s Good Morning America has aired 41 stories — about one per day — on other sensational criminal cases, including the Amanda Knox re-trial and the Jodi Arias case, totaling 109 minutes of coverage.

So it would seem that ABC doesn’t have a problem delivering the gruesome details of murder cases to morning show viewers, suggesting that the networks’ blackout of the Gosnell case has more to do with the negative light it shines on the abortion industry.”

Read Scott’s entire piece by clicking right here….and then take action.  Boycott the advertisers of ABC News programming. Write, call or Email those advertisers and tell them exactly why you won’t be buying their products or services.  While you’re at it, send ABC News one final “Goodbye”, too.

5/1/13 UPDATE:  ABC’s blackout of the gruesome charges against abortionist Kermit Gosnell continued on Tuesday, 43 days after the trial began. This came one day after a Media Research Center study found that the network’s Good Morning America has devoted 109 minuted and 41 stories to other shocking criminal trials. Apparently, ABC’s disinterest extends only to cases that might put the pro-abortion agenda in a negative light. Instead of covering the Gosnell trial, which went to the jury on Monday, GMA offered a full report on the Michael Jackson wrongful death case, another story on the case of a Utah doctor charged with murdering his wife and a third segment on the Amanda Knox retrial. This amounted to another eight minutes and 20 seconds of focusing on high profile court stories not involving an abortionist accused of murdering babies.