Video Privacy Protection Act – the ACLU Has A Point – Important Update



Update, 2/17: Thanks to a reader, I can add some illuminating information on this. The proposed changes are obviously concerning since the following ad has been placed on their site, “FBI Seeks Developers For App To Track Suspicious Social Media Posts.” Read here: National Terror Alert

They are literally spying on Americans! Wouldn’t Nixon have loved this technology? App’s would monitor E-M’s and all communications of interest to Big Brother, to be decided by Big Brother (with key word recognition APP’s, the following sentence would appear to be a threat – key words in green –

Obama is doing great .He works to hard for us that he’s killing himself .”

The next step would be to follow every person on that E-M trail. Every person would potentially be of interest.

Original Story, 2/16: The ACLU  is concerned about changes to the Video Privacy Protection Law. It allows companies to have never-ending consent to share their customers’ video rental records.

Formerly companies had to ask consent each time records were requested.  The end result is that social media sites, which have access to these rental records, would indirectly give police access to these records and personal information because their sites are monitored by the police and the federal government. The changes to the law take away all privacy protections formerly in place.

This could be abused by law enforcement –

The group (ACLU) warned that curtailing the law would bypass key protections against law enforcement access to personal rental records.

Although law enforcement would still be restricted from obtaining records from rental companies, the restrictions would not apply to third party services, like Facebook.

“Given this fact, and given that sites like Facebook are routinely monitored by law enforcement, the unintended consequence of this legislation will be to give much greater access to this class of records than was intended by Congress when the statute was drafted.” Read more: RawStory