Virus Found in 44% of Patients Tested Makes Us Stupid


A virus called chlorovirus ATCV-1, previously thought to only be found in green algae in freshwater lakes, has now been found in 40 out of 92 volunteers by researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and the University of Nebraska.

It appears to make us stupid by altering genes. Those infected do poorly in cognitive tests compared to those not infected.

The test was confirmed in mice as the virus broke through barriers between blood and tissue, altering the genes in the brains of mice.

Those infected do poorly in cognitive tests compared to those who were not infected.

The genes affected including those producing dopamine – a vital hormone which influences memory, spatial awareness, emotion and pleasure.

It not only alters genes making us dumber, it affects emotions.

It would explain a lot of what is going on in this country.

Study author Professor Robert Yolken of Johns Hopkins medical school said they are investigating the millions of viruses in the human body for the first time, not simply concentrating on the ones that do a lot of damage and then leave like the flu or Ebola.

“The thing that’s different about what we found is that [chlorovirus ATCV-1] is something that we wouldn’t have suspected would actually have any effect on humans or animals,” Yolken said.

The researchers have no idea how it attaches to a human host.

They hope that by studying these viruses and microbes in the body, they “can improve people’s cognition, their behavior by changing the composition of their microbiome,” Dr. Yolken said.

Maybe we can cure this: